This information is valid from January 2017.

I have no intention of ever misleading my readers and as such, I have made a few points below about what you can expect from blog posts that refer to specific brands, products or experiences (e.g. days out).

I am always happy to review a product or service that fits in with our family ethos and I think might be of interest to my readers too. I will always write truthfully so that you can be certain you have my honest opinion. Wherever possible I will provide links to the product or service that I am reviewing. I will often review things that I or a member of my family have bought and loved, or point you in the direction of products or experiences that have added value to our family life. On these occasions I will not have received anything for these reviews, and I will make this clear. I will simply be passing on the love!

From time to time I may review products or experiences for free, in exchange for the article that I post. I will make clear if I have reviewed something for free although the review will be just as honest as if I had spent money on it.

Sponsored posts:
If I receive vouchers or am paid money to write about a particular brand, product or experience, I will make this clear too.

Collaborative posts:
From time to time I might work with others to produce a post that I think will be of interest to my readers. I will clearly mark this as a collaborative post.

Affiliate links:
I will make clear if any links posted may result in payment to me if you click through to them and / or buy a product as a result of the link in my article.

Conflict of interest:
There may be occasions when I review the product or service of a member of my family or of a family friend. I will always make clear if there is a personal connection between my writing and the subject matter.

Guest posts:
I invite guest posts from family and friends. I do not receive money from them for this, it is purely an area of the site where they can express opinions or experiences that are relevant to my readers.

External links:
Whether or not I am writing a review, some posts will have links to external sites. Whilst I consider the link to be relevant, I am not responsible for the content or maintenance of those sites.