Me at my office desk when I worked in Human Resources
Learning Styles

In years gone by, before I became a mother and chose to stay at home with my children, I was a Human Resources professional. In fact I still dabble in…

Guinea pig money box
Pocket Money

Chief was six last year and it felt like we entered a new gear of parenthood. Gone were the majority of the chunky plastic role play toys and ride on…

Utility room with tumble dryer
“It will wash.”

“It will wash.” That must be the most common phrase that have I used since becoming a parent. Sick all over my jumper, “it will wash” I’ll say. Chocolate squashed…

Frit on a bus window

Our children love learning, and my husband and I love to watch and learn with them. Looking at the world through their eyes: the wonder of an aeroplane, the delight of…

My hair donation in a plait
Hair Donation

The Little Princess Trust provide real hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland who have lost their hair as a result of illness…

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