10 Things I Love About Autumn


Park in autumn

Bird feeders in autumn

Autumn is my favourite season. I know that not everyone shares this view but for me it is a time when the fresher air comes back and I can snuggle up and layer my clothes to get warm (quite unlike the summer months when I never seem to be able to keep cool). In fact I love it so much I felt compelled to share the reasons why.

1. The colours. Autumn’s colours are always varied and spectacular. Did you know that the shades depend on the weather in the earlier months of the year? This is surely nature at its most splendid. A visual show of all the hard work that the trees in particular have put in over their peak growing season.

Autumn leaves
2. Gardening. Now is the time to get out and plant bulbs for an early spring show of flowers. There’s something so satisfying about getting out and getting digging and arranging, especially as the cooler weather gives me more energy.

3. The dark nights. I know that when it’s grey it’s miserable and we are heading towards winter which I don’t particularly like with artificial lights sometimes being on all day. I do love the pitch black nights though. I am sure that I sleep better but aside from that going star gazing is so much fun and something that the boys love to do too.

4. Any excuse to snuggle. The cooler days naturally encourage me to snuggle down under a blanket or my duvet in the evenings. This leads to an increase in reading which is something I love but am not very good at making quality time for during the summer.

5. Walking. There is nothing that I love more than getting outside for a gentle walk through woodland or in the countryside. The autumn is a wonderful time of year for doing this. The temperatures are perfect, there are leaves to crunch through and, as mentioned above, colours to admire. Lovely!

6. The rain. In the autumn the rain is so fresh. Not the warm shower that we get in summer months which invariably gives way to humidity again. Autumn rain is much more satisfying!

7. Wardrobe choices include boots again, yippee!! I love wearing boots. They support my feet and ankles so much better than sandals and it’s a joy to slip them on again.

8. More time. I love socialising and the summer is perfect for catching up with friends and filling weekends up with picnics. Then autumn comes along and suddenly the pace changes and slows down. Hot soup supped at home, time for those lovely walks, or time to simply just be.

9. Baking. Nature is kind to us this season and going on the hunt for fruit to bake with is so much fun. Apple and blackberry pie. Cherry crumble. Pear cake. Yum!

Bramley apples
10. Television. Oh yes! You know autumn has arrived when the tv listings fill up with drama series. Totally spoilt for choice through the week the other thing I love about this is that so many other people tune in too. If I’m having a bad health day and need to chill in the evening I don’t feel nearly so guilty about it knowing that around the country people are turning on to watch the finale of Bodyguard.

Am I alone in this seasonal appreciation? What do you love about this time of year? Let me know!


10 Things I Love About Autumn