My 2017 Summer Bucket List


Sunshine and blue skies

Earlier this summer I shared Chief’s bucket list, and now I am sharing my own 2017 summer bucket list. A mix of simple things and days out that will require a little more planning. I hope that they give anyone feeling a mid summer slump some inspiration!


I absolutely love to read, and always have done, but I am pretty poor at carving proper time into my day to immerse myself in literature. This summer I am determined to change that. You may have already seen what’s on my summer reading list, if not you can find it here.

Have a bubble bath

One thing that I really need to work on is self care. It’s been ages since I’ve had an evening off surrounded by scented candles and bubbles and I intend to put that right this summer.

Visit a farm

I do love a trip to the farm. Not only do I find that it’s somewhere that I can relax but my boys love it too, so that is definitely on our list this year.

Spend time with family

My family is very important to me, so it seems only right that spending time with them this summer should be on the list. In some ways it shouldn’t need to go on a list, but being spread far and wide across the country can mean that spontaneity is somewhat impeded, so planned time with loved ones is very much in the diary.

Go to a beach

Sand, sand and more sand. Perhaps with a little paddling chucked in for good measure. This is something that is on Chief’s list too, so it needs to happen!

Go on holiday – and relax!

We planned a holiday to Scotland, which you will have already seen if you follow me on social media! We also have our first family camping trip planned in, closely followed by our second. The aim of these holidays is to switch off from regular life for a moment or two and relax.

Listen to new music

Weekends used to be made for listening to new music, live and on music streaming services like Spotify. We seem to have lost that part of our routine some years ago, and now our boys are getting older I feel the need to reintroduce it, for all of us!

Have a date night

We rarely slip away on our own, but once in a blue moon we find someone willing to take on our brood so that we can escape for an hour or two. We are hoping that over the summer we will be able to get in some much needed couple time that doesn’t involve ironing, vacuuming or paperwork!

So this is what I’m intending to get up to this summer. Do you have a summer bucket list? What’s on yours? I’d love to know!