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Going Wild For June

30 Days Wild

It’s June which means it’s time for #30DaysWild again. I’ll be honest, after taking part in it last year we have pretty much carried on with our wild observations and moments throughout the past 12 months. We’ve seen so many different types of weather during the year too, with more than one period of deep snow in Warwickshire, incredible lightning storms, intense rain and long sunny days. We’ve taken advantage of the beautiful world around us to go on long walks with our boys, explore woodland, stop and listen to all the sounds of nature and we’ve even been camping a couple of times which has been great fun.

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Camping trip
For those of you wondering what on earth I’m on about, 30 Days Wild is an initiative run by The Wildlife Trusts to get people to do one wild thing every day. These can range from gazing at the night sky, to planting seeds to creating something out of recycled household objects. There are incredible examples of things that people do during this month and beyond to focus on the natural world and our part in protecting it.

I’ve listed a few ideas below if you want to take part and, if you do, don’t forget to sign up to The Wildlife Trusts page. You can download a pack from their website which will give you lots of ideas for June and beyond. You can also download their free app which gives daily prompts for random acts of wildness.

Here are a few of the things that we are up to though (and you can take a peek at all of the things that we did last year here):

1. Woodland walks (these are a favourite pastime in our family!)

2. Growing seeds

3. Harvesting home grown fruit

4. Keeping our birds (and, let’s be honest, squirrels) topped up with seed, water and fat balls

5. Planting a tree (hopefully!)

6. Star spotting one evening (and hoping to see some planets too!)

7. Watching a wild webcam

8. Going pond life spotting

9. Having a picnic

10. Going to a bird hide

And finally, 11, each one of us will take a photo of something outdoors that inspires us.

I will be sharing our adventures and photographs at the beginning of July, so be sure to check back then to see what we’ve been up to during the month. If you like, you can subscribe to my site to be alerted of new posts as they’re being published 😉 the link is on the side bar to the right.

For now though, enjoy being wild this month!

30 Days Wild with Cup of Toast

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