30 Days Wild – Week Three

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Sunset over fields in Warwickshire

We have continued our #30dayswild adventures this week with some lovely walks and observations. So, here is our week three round up:

Day One:

I started the day with a walk in a local park. It really comes alive at this time of year and was teeming with birds and minibeasts. There are deer in this park too although I didn’t catch sight of any on this occasion.

At the end of the day I had the pleasure of being invited along to a yoga session (see my post about that here) and then watched the sunset over the rolling Warwickshire countryside.

Day Two:

We listened to birds, looked at man-made ‘natural’ structures such as this bank, and found a spider’s web in a drainage tunnel.

Day Three:

We went geo cache hunting in a deer park! This was a truly wonderful day. We also spotted a mole hill and thoroughly enjoyed the views.

Day Four:

We went hunting for minibeasts in our garden, looking at some of the different colours and smells of the plants that are flourishing.

Day Five:

Another walk in the park, this time with my boys too. We are so lucky to have wonderful parks just minutes from where we live.

Day Six:

Walking through a park with The Loud One. He stopped to clear some blades of grass away from a dandelion “so that the bees find it” and we both took in the colours and sounds around us.

Later, on the afternoon school run, we spotted a Red Admiral butterfly and stood quietly whilst it fluttered and eventually moved away.

Day Seven:

Our balcony is currently home to six tomato plants. They are clearly enjoying their sunny spot and are sprouting lots of fruit already!

Tune in next week for my final weekly round up next week. Do let me know if you are taking part in this challenge and what you’ve enjoyed most so far!