30 Days Wild – Week Two

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Apples on tree

You may be aware by now that I am involved with the #30dayswild project this year (you can read my previous posts here and here). If your read my post from last week (here) you will also know that I am publishing a weekly round up of everything ‘wild’ that we have been up to over the previous week.

So, week two…

Day One:

Finding nibbled pine cones and thinking about who had eaten them. Noticing the size difference between cones too and looking at the trees that they had fallen from.

Day Two:

Finding this little beauty hiding among some weeds felt like a symbol of hope. We carefully replanted it in our wildlife area and are keeping fingers and toes crossed that it will like its new position in the garden.

Day Three:

I didn’t manage to get out with the boys on day three, but we snuggled up in the evening reading all about some of our garden visitors, and wildlife around the world!

Day Four:

I spent time lying in our garden, watching the clouds roll by, feeling the wind and listening to the sheep in the fields behind us. It felt great to take a moment to connect with nature in this way, and to encourage our boys to do the same.

Day Five:

We saved a plant which had accidentally been thrown in the skip. The first stage of our garden work is very nearly finished and we are delighted with the results of the work so far! Most plants, with the exception of only a few weeds, have been rehomed in our borders, and the turf is being laid today.

Day Six:

The whole family is getting involved with this challenge! Our cat was pretty good at spotting creepy crawlies, and whilst I was able to chat to my sons about his hunting instincts, his claws were kept firmly tucked away!

Day Seven:

Whilst searching the garden for creepy crawlies on day seven, we found a queen bee resting on a towel and a skeleton leaf lying nearby. It was a close call but the leaf was the image that I shared on social media, mostly because we have seen a lot of bees but also because the boys were fascinated by the leaf! It reminded me to stop and really take notice of what is around me more often, and see the beauty and wonder of natural life.

So, as we move into week three we have taken lots of tips from family and friends of more things that we can do for the remainder of the month. Be sure to follow my Cup of Toast social media pages to find out more 😉