#30DaysWild – A June Success!

Sitting among clover

June saw us once more taking part in #30DaysWild run by The Wildlife Trusts. As I mentioned in my previous post, since taking part in last year’s challenge we have pretty much continued throughout the year. The boys are becoming much more tuned in to the natural world around them which is wonderful to see.

So this year in some ways felt like a bigger challenge, because we took what we were doing already and expanded on it. We spent even more time considering the world around us. We looked at different colours and listened to sounds, from insects to wind to birdsong. We observed things that we hadn’t shared with the boys before such as different species of grass and took delight in them.

I noticed something surprising during this process too. I realised that my boys were starting to take the initiative to share their thoughts and observations with others. We spotted several ladybird larvae around and they were keen to call their friends over and show them. Games have included making bird nests and chatting with a wider group about what might nest where. They have leapt into the depths of the cupboards to retrieve sugar to make sugared water for tired bees. They have sat patiently waiting to catch sight of a pair of Jays who have been coming into the garden for food, or to see fledging Starlings emerging from their nest under our roof.

#30DaysWild A June Success

I confess that I have taken delight in this. That their natural curiosity has been sparked by all that we do. That they are just as keen to get the books out to identify species as I am. That they are even making use of a plant identification app (yes there is such a thing, cool eh?). It does make me feel as though in the middle of all the madness of day to day life I am getting something right!

Anyway, I shall leave you, as promised, with a selection of photos that we have all taken that have been of particular interest to us during the month of June. I hope that you enjoy them!


Ladybird in its pupal stage
A ladybird in its pupal stage – the boys were delighted to capture this on camera!


Playing with shadows
Playing with shadows and thinking about how they are made


Mini bug house
Making a mini bug house in the park


Watching our garden grow
Watching our garden grow


Learning about stick insects
Learning about stick insects at a local country fair


Squirrel on fence
Observing the allotments and noticing a cheeky visitor on the fence…


Do you take part in #30DaysWild ? What’s your favourite thing to do to make you feel closer to nature? Please do share your thoughts below!


10th July 2018



This sounds like a great challenge. I must look out for the next one. My girl’s love nature.

It is lovely. It runs every year although there are plenty of ideas on their website of ways to stay wild and things to do / to keep doing through the year.

Ah, I love how excited they were to tell their friends. That’s so sweet and shows a real passion #blogstravaganza

They really do enjoy sharing their discoveries and learning, it’s very sweet!

I think it’s lovely that your boys are taking such an interest in the world around them. I’m just about to download the plant identification app, I’d love to have it ready for out next National Trust visit! Thanks as ever lovely #Blogstravaganza host xx

There are a couple, we’ve found the one we have really good for when we’re out and about. They even check plants at our local park! 🙂 xx

this is cool. we did some of the days but not all 30. #Blogstravaganza

It’s a fun challenge isn’t it, however many days you complete.

I have not heard of this challenge before but I will look into it. Looks like both you and your children have had a great time exploring nature #Blogstravaganza

We have, thank you.

It looks like you had lots of fun. My favourite activity is going on a nature walk and then creating something with the treasures we find. I love that it encourages the children to look more closely at the amazing world they live in. #Blogstravaganza

Oh definitely. Woodland walks are always a hit here!

I love this! I wish it wasn’t an average of 110 degrees outside right now! My poor little one gets so burnt out so quick, but she loves being outside! Can’t wait til the weather cools down so we can have some nature exploring fun! #Blogstrvaganza

110!! Good grief! Enjoy your outdoor explorations when the weather cools down.

What a great thing to do. I may challenge my classroom in the fall to do something similar. #blogstravaganza

Oh yes, this would be a great challenge to do with a whole class!

I love nature and I love being outdoors. I’ve definitely got to add this to my bucket list – taking my kids out into the wide open spaces a bit more! Thanks for hosting this fab linky. Rosie x #Blogstravaganza

Thank you for joining us Rosie! I hope you enjoy your outdoor adventures 🙂 x

That’s really cool! I think next year I will also expand on what we did and include a more in-dept look into nature. There is also a bug fair every year close to where I live that I should take my children to so that they can learn more about these little animals. #Blogstravaganza

I love the idea of a bug fair, what a nice way to introduce smaller species to children (and adults!).

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