#30DaysWild – Week Four (plus one)

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Hover fly on a white flower

I cannot believe that we’re already in July and the #30DaysWild challenge has finished for the year! We have thoroughly enjoyed getting out and closer to nature and will continue to incorporate this into our adventures over the coming months and years. We’ve enjoyed learning more about the world around us too, delving into non-fiction books regularly, sharing our knowledge with each other and watching television programmes. We’ve all learnt something new. If you haven’t done so already, you might like to catch up with my round up of the challenge here.

For now though, week four plus one.

Day One:

Watching a hoverfly land and settle on a flower. The Loud One was fascinated to see it.

Day Two:

Eating more strawberries from our windowsill plants. We’re really proud of our crop from them!

Day Three:

Taking a lovely walk by a local stream, watching the butterflies, listening to the wind in the tall grass and hearing the familiar sound of a blackbird singing.

Day Four:

We finally built the hedgehog house! This used to belong to our house rabbits but now that they have passed it felt right to gift it to any creatures that might visit our garden.

Day Five:

Stocking up on garden supplies. This time we had bark chippings on our list, to spread across one of our new borders in our back garden.

Day Six:

Admiring the plants coming through in our wildflower area which we have grown these from seed. It has been wonderful to observe what started as a nice project in our head before we moved house, coming to fruition this year. The area has evolved with ideas and input from us all and I am very proud of our joint efforts.

Day Seven:

Playing hide the treat in the grass and borders with our pup. It isn’t only the human members of the family enjoying the extra grass in the garden!

Day Eight:

Releasing a little brown mouse back into the wild after our cat had brought it home. It was very bold and seemed happy to be scooped up in a nearby bucket, so we gave it a little guinea pig food for breakfast before setting it free under the garden gate to the woodland beyond!

We’ve loved taking part in this challenge and catching up with other people’s activities too! If you’ve taken part, I hope you’ve had just as much fun, and if you haven’t, I hope that you might have been inspired by some of our adventures.