5 of the best destinations for a summer holiday with the kids

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It’s no secret that I absolutely love getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Travelling has fallen to the wayside a little since I became a mother though, and going on adventures across the world with my family is something that I want to focus on in the coming years. I can’t wait to see the eyes of my boys light up as we explore new and exciting places across the globe!

Although I have loved the family road trip adventures that we’ve taken so far, you just can’t beat going on a good old summer holiday somewhere slightly more far flung. Finding the perfect place to go that isn’t too secluded, but isn’t too busy can feel incredibly difficult. Luckily, with a little help, I’ve managed to find 5 of the best destinations for a summer holiday with the boys. Here are my picks:

Tenerife, Canary Islands


Tenerife is often called the ‘Island of Eternal Spring,’ and with temperatures in the 20s for most of the year, it’s the perfect family destination for what we want. I’m sure that my boys would love making sandcastles on the volcanic sandy beaches of Playa de las Americas, and my husband and I would love to walk the cobbled streets of Los Cristianos. Tenerife also offers attractions for both kids and adults in the form of the water park, Siam Park, and its sister zoo, Loro Parque. Because we would be travelling on a budget (always!), I was excited to see that we could buy the twin ticket for both parks.

Zipolite, Mexico

SourceZipolite, Mexico

When I think of Mexico, I confess I sometimes think of American college films that show party-going sorority sisters descending on Cancun for Spring Break – which isn’t exactly what I’m looking for for my husband and my boys. However, as you travel further south of the border, you will be greeted by the sleepy little town of Zipolite. With beautiful beaches and just a handful of residents to its name, Zipolite sounds like the perfect relaxing getaway for my family. In fact, I can’t wait to introduce my family to authentic Mexican food, and try it for myself!

Cornwall, United Kingdom

SourceCornwall, UK

Having never been abroad with my boys does have its advantages. Specifically that we know how much the UK has to offer families with children. In 2017, I took my family on a lovely break to Scotland  and had a super time with family and friends exploring Lanarkshire which neither my husband or I had been to before. It reminded us that sometimes you don’t even need to get on a plane! We took Chief to Cornwall when he was a baby, and I have always wanted to return with all three boys so we can check out what the famous beaches have to offer, and wander through the traditional fishing villages. I have heard that many Cornish destinations are steeped in tradition and I’d love to show my boys a different culture and way of life than some of the busy towns and cities that they are used to. The ease of life without technological inventions left right and centre would be a blessing for a family holiday.

Sardinia, Italy


According to The Secret Traveller, Sardinia is a destination of two halves. In the north-east of the country, the waters are said to be filled with rich businessmen as they splash their cash – but it’s the middle of the country that interests me. With fewer people wandering the streets, I want to experience what life is like for those who live near the rolling hills and mountains of the real Sardinia. I want to live like the locals and check out the multi-coloured houses that adorn the ascending countryside. This will also give my boys a chance to discover the local wildlife.

Florida, United States of America


America. Did you know that I have never been? Florida is a popular destination for summer holidays with children, so it should come as no surprise to see that I added it to this list! However, there is so much more to Florida than Disney World or Universal Studios. Of course, the boys would love to see Mickey Mouse in the flesh, but I would also want to explore what the rest of the Sunshine State has to offer. When you move away from the area of Orlando, there are loads of places in Florida to explore – even if you’re on a budget!

Just writing this is getting me to that stage where my fingers are twitching over the ‘Book Now’ button on holiday websites, which means it’s about time I book one of the best destinations for a summer holiday. Before I do though, do you have any more destinations to add to this list?

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N.B. Thank you to those who contributed to this list by supplying fabulous suggestions for summer holiday destinations for my family. We are very grateful!

4th April 2018


I don’t think I’ve actually been to any of these places. We’re going to Devon this year bit last year we went it gran canaria and it was amazing for the kids #blogstravaganza

Oh, I hadn’t thought of Gran Canaria for a family holiday. Thanks for the tip!

We are heading to Wales this year and maybe Scotland the year after. We want to go to Disneyland Paris. Too many places to visit and not enough time! #blogstravaganza

Oh yes, our list is long! We’ve booked to go camping in Cornwall this year now, can’t wait.

I think that every place can be enjoying with kids if you have fun together, nice suggestions though.

Yes, very true! I do like to research holiday destinations though 🙂

I love Tenerife, I’ve not taken the kids but I’ve been and Italy is definitely on my list. Now the children have passports I can’t wait to taken them on more holidays #Blogstravaganza

We’re just getting ours sorted with passports. Booked a holiday to Cornwall last night though, excited! Xx

I’ve only been to a couple of these. Will have to look into the others. #Blogstravaganza

We have just booked to go to Cornwall! Eyeing up one of the others for an autumn getaway.

I’d love to go to all these places! Great suggestions! 🙂 #blogstravaganza

So would I! Hoping to slowly tick them off 🙂

We went to cornwall when Ben was only like four months old and absolutely loved it. We’ve mentioned about going back again as it’s definitely a kid friendly place! #blogstravaganza

We’ve only been the once with our eldest, but I’m very close to booking to go again this summer. It’s not an area of the country that I have really explored before. Good to know that you had a lovely time there with Ben!

Great list. We’re going to Cornwall this year and nearly booked Tenerife but plumped for Turkey instead. #blogstravaganza

Oh Turkey is a good option! I’m very close to booking somewhere in Cornwall too 🙂

I love the diversity of the choices you’ve made here. We went to Florida last December and loved it. We’ll be going again this December with a cruise which includes Mexico too – very exciting! I’d love to take the kids to Italy too, so maybe we’ll work our way through your list!

Oh, your December holiday sounds fab! I need to get cracking with booking something I think!!

Would love to go to Italy too! Although I think Florida with Disney World would be more exciting for the kids. #blogstravaganza

I have never been to the USA so I would be excited to explore over there. I do love Italy though. Perhaps I need to book holidays across the next 24 months! 😉

I love Florida. It offers great beaches. I can’t wait to get across the pond to check out some other sites! #blogstravaganza

We’re thinking that we might head over to the USA slightly later in the year. I’ve never been!

I really need a holiday and this blog post is making me want to book something now! So many are already on my bucket list…must send forms for new passports off asap! #blogstravaganza

Yes, we’re needing to factor new passports in to our calculations! I’m super excited to book somewhere though and go away for a little while x

Our go to holiday destination is St Ives in Cornwall, we’ve been going since I was tiny and I adore the place! I love the idea of taking our girls to other amazing places across the world though. I keep looking for places to take them! Fab to have you as #Blogstravaganza host, as ever! Xx

Thank you lovely 🙂 I really think that Cornwall might be our winner for the summer holiday. Plus the Eden Project is on our list of places to go so that would tie in nicely! Then perhaps somewhere further afield later in the year… xx

What great suggestions, we have only been to Cornwall (on your list) but we have been discussing Italy of late… #Blogstravaganza

Two people on my Facebook page mentioned other parts of Italy when I posted this. I’ve been to mainland Italy (and love it there) a few times before I had the boys. Perhaps I need to combine a few Italian destinations…

These all look lovely. I’ve never been to Cornwall, really must try it out some time! This has just made me want to go on holiday.

That’s the trouble with looking at holidays isn’t it? It’s all so tempting!

There is so much to love in this post. I feel like booking a holiday after reading this! I had a trip to Dubai last year and was surprised how many families were staying in the hotel. But I suppose it’s because the resorts are incredible there. Just thought I’d share another idea xxx

Oh that’s an interesting option, I wouldn’t have thought of Dubai for a family holiday. Thanks for the idea! xx

I would love to go abroad this year but having only just gone back to work after maternity leave the finances are just not there so we have booked a trip to Cornwall instead. I’m sure the kids will have just as much fun though and at least t saves me the stress of taking three kids on a plane!! #blogstravaganza

Ha, yes very true! I am seriously considering Cornwall for our summer holiday, with maybe a trip abroad later in the year. There seems to be so much to do and so much that my boys would enjoy. I haven’t really explored Cornwall properly for myself before.

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