5 Tips To Save Money When Moving Home

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Moving home can be expensive. The finances of a new home can be tight and every penny counts, and then there is the cost of moving on top.

There are some things that you can do to save money when moving home. These tips can help you cut costs and also achieve a smoother move.

Planning and Preparing are Free

When you are moving home, time is money. Take every opportunity you can to plan things ahead of time. This will help you to make significant savings.

Take an inventory of the furniture you need to move. You may have some big pieces that will be difficult to deal with. Some, such as a piano, may need specialist help so that they are protected properly in transit. Flat-pack furniture may need to be dismantled. That should be done ahead of time and be factored into your plan. Don’t forget your garden too, and add in anything that you are taking. Benches, tables, chairs and even storage units or small sheds all need to be accounted for.

Think about your moving day, and any arrangements that you might need to make for family members. Animals may need to be booked in to a kennel or cattery, and see if you can find extra hands to help with childcare. Sorting as much in advance as possible really helps to lift the pressure as deadlines loom.

Get Quotes for House Removal

When you know what you’re taking, shop around for a removal team. Find out exactly what you will get for your money and look for value. The cheaper option might cost you time and money overall. Consider add ons such as a packing service. Some companies will dismantle furniture for you and rebuild it in your new home. Check what materials will be used to protect fragile items, and how they will be transported.

Search for experience too, and ask around for local recommendations. Check out reviews online if they are available as well. Some firms such as G W Twilley and Son Removals in London, give you an accurate quote using videos you record on your phone. Their team uses the videos to plan your house move and give you a price you can rely on. This lets you budget your move with confidence.

Bin, Box, or Sell

Focus doesn’t have to be entirely on how to save money when moving home. Play the ‘bin, box or sell’ game right, and there might be opportunities to make a profit which can help fund your move. You have to be ruthless with yourself to really benefit.

Work your way through the rooms in your house and decide what to do with all your things. Bin or recycle anything you no longer need and is of no use. Box things up that you will take with you. Whatever is left you can sell online. Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Depop can all help you generate some cash. Alternatively, look for local car boot sales which can be a good way to shift a lot of things in one go. Don’t forget any things you keep in a storage area such as a loft space!

Boxed games - they sell well at car boot sales or online sales sites!

Box Clever

Packing away your whole life is going to take a lot of boxes. Some movers will spend hundreds on special moving boxes, only for them to end up in the recycling bin when the move is over.

Start stocking up on free cardboard boxes early. Ask friends and family to save any delivery boxes that they get. Supermarkets will give you old boxes. The budget chains are a good target for this but ask someone in-store first before helping yourself. Another place that I have found to be a good source for boxes is larger pet stores, who get heavy food delivered to store in sturdy boxes.

Timing is Everything

The cost of moving changes through the year. Summertime is usually the most expensive time to move. The days are longer, and families want to move in time for the new school year.

Many factors will influence when you make your house move but try to bear this in mind. You can save on every expense if you move when demand is low. The cheapest time to move is in winter. The market is a little slower right before Christmas, but moving at that time of year could save money, especially with removals firms.

And Finally…

Using these tips can help to save money when moving home, and you might even make a little in the process too. Planning really is key to it all. If you have come across this post because you are moving – good luck!

N.B. This is a collaborative post. For more information please see my disclosure page.

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