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Making The Most Of A Week In Southern Italy

As you may recall, 2020 was due to be the year that we travelled abroad with our children for the first time. That didn’t happen, for pretty obvious reasons, so we have set our sights on dusting our passports off in 2023 instead. There are many beautiful destinations in budget, and planning a summer holiday is a great way to give ourselves something to look forward to. My starting place to research is Italy, specifically Southern Italy.

Italy is always a popular tourist spot as it is famed for everything from its food and art to countryside and culture. In my 20s I travelled to Italy a little on my own, mostly in the northern part of the country. Southern Italy is often seen as a bucket list destination for many and certainly somewhere that I would like to visit, so I have roped in advice from travel enthusiasts to discover how I might make the most of a week in this stunning region.

Start in Naples

Sources tell me that a great place to start our trip is in the cosmopolitan city of Naples. Naples is very accessible with direct flights arriving in the city, making the journey smoother from the get-go. Naples is also a port city, so if you might be thinking of taking a cruise instead of a flight it still works as a target destination. As a side note here, if you are looking to the sea for your transport remember to arrange relevant travel insurance for cruises ahead of time. The same is true of course for any travel abroad, and especially important following Brexit.

Naples is a lively city with plenty to enjoy from galleries, tours to local cuisine, it was even the birthplace of pizza! There are underground catacombs to explore as well, if you want a break from the heat and are feeling brave!

Travel the Amalfi Coast

To escape the busy city life, we might choose to reset with a trip down the Amalfi coast. This stunning coastline seems as picturesque as it is glamourous. Some of the beaches are very secluded and the views are unrivalled. I know from previous trips to Italy, that stopping off in local villages and small towns you can soak up the atmosphere of authentic Italy too. I’m told that towns such as Sorrento and Positano make for great spots to spend a night or two. They have plenty to offer with a good choice of bars and restaurants to go to in the evening and lovely beaches and views for during the day. These sorts of resorts are very family friendly which is a priority for us as well. Having a quick look myself, I can see that Sorrento is reasonably priced when it comes to accommodation and attractions so will be a good stop-off within a tight budget.

Finish up in Puglia

The final tip I have been given is to round off our trip of Southern Italy in Puglia. This region is a true taste of the country as it is quite traditional but can be overlooked in comparison to some of the more talked about tourist spots. Again, the area has a plethora of sandy beaches to enjoy, charming fishing villages and is well-known for its delicious food too (you may notice there is a theme developing here – Italian food is fantastic!). One of the most famous towns in the region is Polignano a Mare and is known for its unique cove like beach.

What else?

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring Southern Italy but if you are limited to just a week, focusing on the areas above is a great way to get a taste of what the country has to offer.

My final tip is unless you are planning to use the train to city hop, the best way to make the most of your time in Italy is to rent a car. This will allow you to get around easily, at your own pace and have the ability to change your plans if you want to. You may just want to leave it outside of city centres which can become quite frenetic on the roads from my experience!

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Have you been to Italy recently? What would your travel advice be? Let me know in the comments!

N.B. This is a collaborative post. Please see my disclosure page for how I work with others.