Alternative Gift Guide for Easter

Sunflower fieldI’ve always enjoyed Easter celebrations, but it’s only since having children that I’ve really started to actively look forward to them. Growing up I always thought that Easter was a strictly Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Christ, and that eating chocolate was all part of the modern day festivities. So it was with both an amount of naive surprise and interest that I learnt (when I was considerably older) that the word ‘Easter’ is thought to have come from a Teutonic goddess and that the Easter Bunny is possibly derived from pagan traditions.

Once I understood that there was much more breadth to the occasion, the idea of eating chocolate eggs delivered by a bunny sounded slightly more, well, connected than the extremely tenuous link that I had imagined in my formative years.

Moving on again though, and now it’s not all about how much chocolate that can be scoffed before breakfast, or found among the overgrown hedgerow in the garden. Instead it is about a lasting celebration of life, and love, and springtime. So this year whilst an egg hunt (or two) will undoubtedly take place, the Easter Bunny will be dropping off alternative gifts at our house, and I wanted to share some of my ideas with you all here:

Usborne Easter Story Helping my boys to understand the tradition behind festivals is important to me, so I think that a book about some of the foundations is important. This looks like a good one.

Paws and Petals Brushwood Bunny Planter

My boys are slightly fixed on these types of planters. We currently have an elephant version that greets visitors to the front door, and one of these would be ideal for the entrance to their play shed.

Wind up Chick and Bunny
Who can resist a game of racing the chick and the bunny?! All good fun and something that can be played with indoors or, if the weather is kind to us, out.

Wooden Eggs

I love the idea of painting these eggs! Saves hard boiling real ones then worrying about them cracking or spoiling. Plus they can be played with for weeks or months to come, and maybe even be part of a future year’s egg hunt.

Growing Pet Egg
My boys have had eggs like this before and always delight in watching them ‘hatch’ open to reveal the creature inside.

Mr Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt

Another book but I love the Mr Men and don’t have this one yet so it’s going on the list!

Flopsie Rabbit

Whilst researching alternative Easter gifts I saw this beauty. I know one little person in particular who would love to receive this!

Wall Stickers

Easter can feel like the perfect time to freshen things up, and what easier way to do this than by using wall stickers? We have used these with great success previously, and they’re one thing that the boys miss from our old home and want to incorporate into our new one.

Wooden Trinket Box

What a cute way to encourage organisation and keep all those little precious items safe.

Sunflower Growing Kit

With the roots of Easter firmly in the idea of life and living, it seems appropriate to round my list off with a seed kit. The boys love sunflowers and I’ve suggested an ideal spot to grow them this year. Fingers crossed we get some good ones!

So those are the alternative gifts on my list this year. What about you? Do you buy gifts at Easter to mark the occasion or let it gently slip by with the odd egg? Let me know!

Easter gifts

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16th March 2018


Great post, I loved all the ideas you shared especially the wooden easter eggs. I hope you and your family have a great easter

I love some of these ideas! The planter is adorable! My kids would love that and the seed growing kit. I will have to keep these in mind when we do up the baskets this weekend =-)

My boys love planters like this one, they always spot them when we’re out and about 🙂

My mum would have always bought us a little gift growing up but we’ve only ever given our kids chocolate eggs. I’m a bit fussy about my chocolate preferences though! I like the idea of planting seeds. #Blogstravaganza

I’m excited to grow more seeds with my boys, when the weather cheers up!

I think Easter is the perfect time for an alternative gift guide. The kids get that much chocolate, it’s nice to get them something else – especially if it gets their brains working too! X

Absolutely! We often seem to have too much chocolate so it feels as though it’s the year for a change 😉 xx

Love this, some really good gift suggestions.

What a great selection , I don’t know about the kids but I want a wind up chick and sunflowers are always a massive hit!!

Haha yes, the wind up chicks look lots of fun don’t they?!

I think I might be supplementing the usual Easter Egg hoard with some slightly different gifts this year. The chocolate seems to sit in the cupboards for months until it eventually gets thrown out!

I found some eggs in the cupboard at Christmas last year, oops!

Great easter gift ideas and I especially like the Wooden Trinket Box

So do I, I think my middle son would benefit from something to store all his tiny jewels and treasures in!

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