An Adventure With Treasure Trails


Treasure Trails UK

“It’s like a mini adventure” my eight year chirruped excitedly. Last weekend saw us heading out into one of our local towns and following our first Treasure Trail, which we were kindly gifted by the company to try out. This themed, self-guided trail booklet turned our daily exercise into a great experience, combining detective skills, team work, and a few educational moments too with simple maths problems (my six year old was able to work these out, so I promise they’re not taxing on the brain!). Taking part as a family unit complied with current lockdown rules too and, to be honest, was exactly what we all needed. We’ve felt cooped up and falling all over each other for months now, it was nice to do something that was new and fun for us all.

Treasure Trails take explorers on a circular walking route, and ours started and finished at a public car park which was very convenient for travel. Our challenge was a Detective Mystery, and I wasn’t quite sure what the boys would make of solving a crime but they loved it! Clues are found on local landmarks, signs, statues, monuments, images, engravings and other eye catching features. We almost missed one, but the others were straight forward to find following the helpful directions and tips.

Directions sign
Warwick town centre

The trails are entirely self-guided, so although you have a sense of adventure, if you want to stop off en route or take a detour to see something else or duck into a shop (when they’re open again) then you can do. They all follow publicly accessible lanes, paths and pavements, and the adults in the party should be able to quickly spot any potential hazards well in advance.

Searching for clues
Westgate, Warwick

After you have completed the trail, Treasure Trails encourage children to write a mission report, or draw a map of the route followed, to further extend the experience. This is, of course, entirely optional!

There are more than 1,200 Treasure Trails to choose from across the UK, which include cycling versions for those who might prefer an adventure on 2 wheels. I always think the best test of an experience like this is would you do it again, and for us, the answer is a resounding yes!

Prison door

N.B. Thank you Treasure Trails for gifting us a copy of the Warwick Treasure Trail in exchange for our honest opinion. All thoughts are my own, for more information please refer to my disclosure page.

Ordering one of the Treasure Trails is easy. Simply choose your preferred location, decide on a theme and order the trail at – then either download it as a PDF and print it out at home, or get the printed booklet posted directly to you. (We had the booklet sent to us, and it is printed on coated paper which makes it reasonably weather proof too).