Autumn Winter Essentials


Autumn winter essentials - walking in the cold Cup of Toast blog

Are you ready for seasonal change?

Every year, the autumn brings with it a flush of cold weather. More often than not a wind whips through the UK, and it feels as though clouds descend as the cycle of the Earth reduces daylight hours. This year in particular feels especially cool following what turned out to be a very wet and dare I say drab summer.

With the change of the season comes the need to look through our homes and wardrobes and check that we have our autumn winter essentials ready to go. I have listed below some of the things that are important to me to have in place. Along with being a writer I am a homemaker, so getting this list right is vital.

Outside gear

I love a decent coat that I can wear in the cold months of late autumn and keep ready on the downstairs coat peg throughout the winter. The one in the photo from Lands’ End* is perfect. It really is like snuggling into a duvet on the early morning school runs, and it repels water brilliantly too.

Lands' End Squall coat on my autumn winter essentials list

For the boys, we have winter coats that get switched in at this time of year too. I also keep a basket of hats and gloves in the hallway to grab when they’re in a hurry. That way, if the cold air rushes in when they open the front door we don’t have a frantic scramble to find suitable accessories for the weather that greets us.

Finally, we like to have a few gilets hung up in our cloakroom as well. It seems very self-indulgent somehow to layer up, but keeping our lungs and hearts warm is important, plus these are really easy to grab if we’re heading into the garden for a short amount of time.

Window treatments

A collective term which covers blinds, curtains and drapery. It may seem like an odd thing to include in an autumn winter essentials list, but according to the government 18% of our household heat is lost through windows. A well fitted pair of curtains with a decent thermal lining can help to prevent heat loss. So too can some blinds. We have these thermal blinds on our front windows which definitely help to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Preparing nourishing meals won’t stop you from picking up all the winter bugs that jump from person to person at this time of year. They can, however, support your immune system and keep your body in better shape to protect you should you become ill. Root vegetables, grains and seeds cooked through soups and stews can all be helpful in fuelling your body.

A decent meal doesn’t quite counteract the vast quantities of chocolates, mince pies and stollen consumed during the winter, but it feels like a nice balance too! One of my favourite websites to go to at this time of year is Taming Twins which I discovered last year. They offer plenty of slow cooker recipes as well which are great if you have a busy schedule to work around.


My final top tip for any autumn winter essentials list is to include some activities to look forward to. From Christmas lights switch on events, to theatre, ice skating, a cinema trip or even a weekend break, having one or two things in the diary helps to pace through the cooler, darker days. It gives you something to look forward as well.

Meeting up with friends or family for a cup of tea can help too, anything that slightly counteracts the desire to close the shutters for three months. Just be mindful of changes to your circadian rhythm during the winter months which causes your body to produce more melatonin. This may mean that you need more sleep, so space out activities to allow for that.

Days out activities on your autumn winter essentials list

Final thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that it might help when planning for the months ahead. I am aware that my readers stretch far beyond the UK, but I think this list can be applicable to anyone who experiences the seasonal changes that autumn and winter bring.

*N.B. I was gifted this coat last autumn in exchange for a review. To read more about it, take a look at my squall coat review. To find out more about how I work with others, please see my disclosure page.