The Back To School Essential You Must Not Forget!

Photo of school shoes on a doormatIt’s nearly that time again (sob). Back to school. I can’t believe that we are two thirds of the way through the holidays already. Now is the time that I (somewhat belatedly if social media is anything to go by) start to get myself organised with all the essentials.

There are a plethora of lists available on the internet noting key essential items. Uniform (obvs), shoe polish (sorry kiddos, mine just get a wipe over with a wet kitchen towel once a term), PE kit, name tags and so on. These were invaluable when Chief started full time education for the first time two years ago. Some items can be taken or left (thanks to our English education system Munch, for example, had to start without school shoes because having only recently turned four his feet were too small for all mainstream brands). There is one key thing though that is absolutely essential but seems to get missed off the majority of these lists. Shampoo.

Child having hair washed

No, I’m not talking about shampoo for you which compliments the smell of your favourite bubble bath for that first evening after the back to school rush when you soak in your bath tub. I’m talking about the one which eradicates minibeasts, wee beasties or, as they are more commonly known headlice. Yes, my scalp is beginning to itch just thinking about them.

Let me take you back to 2015. Chief started school and, being rather cautious about these creatures (having never had them during my own childhood and therefore with no first hand knowledge of what they looked like) I invested in a multi pack of coconut oil shampoo. I had read somewhere that they didn’t like coconut oil so would steer clear. I used this regularly and, when the first letter came home from school to say that a child had headlice, I checked Chief and was relieved to see that it appeared to be working. And, whether by luck or otherwise, it did work that year.

Now bring on 2016. Those little mites had upped their game. They must have spent their summer steeling themselves against coconut oil. The first letter came home and we were ok. The second letter came home. Something moved. Eek! Reinforcements (my husband) were called to check. Yep. Something was moving and we felt woefully ill-equipped with just the coconut oil that was supposed to deter them but wouldn’t kill them, and a louse comb. Cue a hurried trip to the local pharmacist and a weekend of plans cancelled while we scrubbed and combed and combed and scrubbed.

Argentum plus shampoo and combs

It turns out that there are two main options for removing headlice. Chemical shampoo and a comb, or essential oil shampoo and a comb. We opted for the latter and, after our initial purchase, found Argentum Plus on Amazon which has so far (fingers tightly crossed) worked well for us. We now use it every few weeks as a precaution, and more regularly when the letters come home from school. Coupled with a comb it has been successful and our boys are quite happy with the smell and feel of it (plus it leaves our hair feeling soft and looking shiny).

So when you are stocking up on lunch box goodies, coloured crayons and grey socks, please remember to get some shampoo in too. You’ll only need it if you don’t 😉

What else gets missed off back to school lists that you think makes the essential item category? I’d love to hear from you!

21st August 2017


I remember having my hair raked through as a child! xx

I do remember that bit, I was fortunate that it never produced anything though! At least it seems that there is more choice in terms of products available now x

Touch wood we haven’t had these yet.

I remember having the treatment as a child the smell was awful 😷

My husband says he remembers it too 😐 the shampoo we found on Amazon has citronella in which personally I think makes it smell quite nice, certainly not the nasty smell I’d heard of!

It is definitely an essential!

Glad you agree! It often seems to be missed off back to school checklists but these mini beasts do roam far and wide so best to be prepared 😉

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