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I have the pleasure of bringing a new book review to my blog today – Black Matter by GD Parker.

“The future is now… it’s terrifying!!! Humanity locks jaws with the ever-increasing human desires towards highly advanced technological innovations making the world a dangerous place. Unanticipated horrific consequences unfold for Tommy McGregor when he partakes in a new high-tech innovation to enhance his health and wellbeing. He thought it would make him healthier, better looking and live forever…DI Valentina is out of her comfort zone when she’s tasked to track down a killer, unknown to her, hidden behind a digital mask. The future has already fallen upon humanity as she soon discovers, nothing is as it seems anymore as society embarks in technology that’s already here. A terrifying mystery, it feeds your imaginative mind’s eye – a fast-paced “whoisit” thrilling crime, novel that will leave you guessing until the end, (or will it?) As it leaves the hairs on your arms stand on end as you uncontrollably turn each page in this 3 part series.”


Feeling reminiscent of an episode of Black Mirror, Parker swiftly dives into an age where technology has advanced to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. Combining vital information from your own body with an advice based app this highly personalised system has mass appeal. What if it falls into the wrong hands though, and whose hands are they? What limits can it go to, to wreak havoc, destruction and even death.

This page turner thriller isn’t my normal preferred reading material but I was hooked by the story line and intrigued to review it and share my thoughts with you.

The writing style was light and easy to read, albeit the language used in conversations between characters was a little excessive in my opinion and didn’t enhance the overarching narrative. For me in some ways this was actually a bonus; I could turn the light out at night without the words reaching out from the pages and bruising the silence of reality.

What the novel lacks in character conversation though it certainly makes up for with the plot line. Twisting and turning through one crime to another you can see horror on the horizon but still be surprised at how it occurs. When the eventual perpetrator is revealed it wasn’t who I expected it to be, and on rereading parts of the book I’m not sure that every aspect linked up. Then again, an unforeseen twist is a sign of a good read.

If you enjoy easy to read fiction that keeps you guessing until the end then I think this is for you. The first of a series, I am intrigued to see what Parker has up his sleeve for his next novel.

Thanks go to GD Parker for supplying me with a copy of his debut novel for review purposes, and to Rachel’s Random Resources for organising the tour. All thoughts are of course my own. For more information please see my disclosure page.

Author Bio 

GD Parker author photo“GD Parker is the author of his debut novel, Black Matter. Book one of a three-part series that explores the depths of the unfolding high-tech world we now live in, making it a dangerous place.

The novel will be available to purchase in e-book and paperback formats on the Amazon store.

Gareth was born in the UK in 1981. A family man spent much of his working life in South Wales working in a professional capacity. One day he made the decision write about an idea he dreamt about.

Still working full time for a large organisation, he enjoys reading all manner of books, and spending time with his world – his family.”

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