Blue Monday

According to a formula publicised by Sky Travel back in 2005, Blue Monday is the most difficult day of the year when it comes to our nation’s mood. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling it this year. It seems as though it’s been grey since the beginning of January! With the schools back and the regular routine stretching away in front of us this section of winter always feels as though it hangs around for too long. So, here are my tips for keeping optimistic and ignoring the grey.

1. Call or visit family and friends.

2. Have a good clear out ahead of spring.

3. Plan a three course meal in with your family, for no reason other than to celebrate each other’s company.

4. Make a den and read stories in it.

5. Go for a long walk in the countryside.

Bradgate park

6. Close the curtains and watch a movie.

7. Get an early night.

8. Drink plenty of water.

9. Book a summer holiday.

Boats in harbour

10. Top yourself up with vitamins, including plenty of vitamin D which is great for bones, but also for your immune system.


What do you do during this time of year to keep a fresh head and get through the duller days?


Banish Blue Monday


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15th January 2018


Brilliant ideas , I think I might steal one and we may have a lovely(hopefully) family dinner tonight with all our fave foods!!

Please do! I love a good family meal, definitely brightens up my day 🙂

Great post. A good clean up and deckutter always make me feel better. One thing is for sure I will be having an early night to make me feel better

Sarah - Mud Cakes and wine

Lots of lovely ideas for this rather cold, wet and miserable blue Monday x

Hi, Greta tips we were meant to go for a walk at work today but the wet eather put a stop to this. A nice dinner with the family sounds like a nice way to end the day #MaondayStumble

Hope you manage to get out for a nice walk another day 🙂

I must admit I’ve been having a sneaky look at holidays today! Xx

I’m desperate to book us somewhere to go to!

Great ideas! I have never heard of blue Monday till today

Thanks! It’s more recently that it’s really had much focus given to it, but this time of year definitely feels as though it goes on for ages.

Everyone has been chatting about Blue Monday today but mine has ben rather productive, maybe it’s because I had a long walk in the countryside just as you suggested. Great list xx

Thank you! Having a long walk definitely clears my head 🙂

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