Calendar of Goodwill – 2018

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It’s December and, once more, we have drawn up our Calendar of Goodwill.

Our calendar this year is really focused on giving back to those who have helped us over the past 12 months and the local community. I was delighted that the boys have helped again by coming up with ideas, and they even mentioned it before I did this year! Of course these ideas can be used throughout the year, but for my children I hope that it gives them a little balance during the Christmas season.

There will be several repeats from last year’s version of the calendar which you can read here (along with an introduction to what we do). We have also added in some suggestions that we were given by readers last year – thank you!

So, our calendar this year:

  1. Make presents for the local homeless charity to be handed out at Christmas
  2. Drop off mince pies for charity shop workers
  3. Take a relative (who doesn’t have access to a car) shopping
  4. Make a meal for a friend
  5. Take a donation of food and toys to the local dog shelter
  6. Make a homemade Christmas card for our GP
  7. Take a relative to a Christmas experience
  8. Surprise someone with a visit to a carol concert
  9. Make mince pies for our neighbours
  10. Give treats to a midwife to be taken into the maternity unit at hospital
  11. Take treats into our local A&E department
  12. Put a little extra in our weekly shop and give it to the food bank
  13. Leave a Christmas card out for our postman
  14. Write a happy chalk message on our driveway
  15. Donate a brand new toy to Warwickshire Children’s Services
  16. Leave a book in a café with a note that it’s a present for whoever finds it
  17. Buy a suspended coffee (
  18. Facetime people we don’t see enough of
  19. Make happiness cards for our friends
  20. Send cards to family and friends abroad
  21. Make a card for our vet to wish them a merry Christmas
  22. Volunteer our time
  23. Drop off good quality outgrown clothes at a local charity
  24. Bring in treats for co-workers


I’m always open to ideas for our Calendar of Goodwill, or little acts of kindness that we can carry out throughout the year. Inspire me! What would you add?


Filling Christmas boxes


5th December 2018


So many lovely ideas Jo and it’s great your boys want to get involved as well. #Blogstravaganza

Thank you Jo. They are taking great delight in spreading seasonal goodwill and cheer, it’s really sweet 🙂 x

i just love this some just wonderful ideas xxx #Blogstravaganza

I love this list, you’ve thought of loads of nice things that are easily achievable #Blogstravaganza

Thank you. We wanted to ensure that it was valuable to those we are thinking of but not overwhelming for us. All about balance whilst keeping the spirit of the season in focus.

Some really thoughtful ideas here, great work boys! (And great reflection on their parents too). Having tried to donate a selection of clothes and toiletries to our local women’s refuge, but found they are out of storage space, I might do a ‘suspended’ goodwill offering. I’ll keep the donations and offer them during the year when storage might be easier, and donations fewer x

Thank you 🙂 I’m sure they’ll be very grateful whenever they have space xx

What a beautiful idea! It really captures the true meaning of Christmas. #Blogstravaganza

Thank you! Although we don’t spoil our boys I hope that it gives some balance during the month.

Such lovely and thoughtful ideas for people in need (which is the real meaning of christmas) X #Blogstravaganza

Thank you. It feels important to give back, especially at this time of year x

This is such a great idea Jo. It’s so wonderful to help others during a season which is all about love and togetherness x #Blogstravaganza

Thank you. Exactly, it feels important the the love and kindness of the season is remembered x

This is a fantastic idea, I may just borrow it#[email protected]_karendennis

Please do! It’s good fun too and really helps my boys to appreciate what we have and what they can do to help those in need around us.

Nice goodwill list. I’ve never tried mince pie before and I think I might put that on my baking list of things to try this year. I’m also going to make some mulled wine as I never had that before either.

Thank you. Mince pies and mulled wine are both great things to try!

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