Exploring the Heights of Abraham

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Heights of Abraham cable car

Set above the picturesque town of Matlock, Derbyshire, lies a brilliant family day out that promises adventure: Heights of Abraham. This unique attraction offers visitors an opportunity to escape the day-to-day and embark on a journey through nature, history, and breathtaking vistas. I set about exploring the Heights of Abraham when on a weekend away trip with my 9 year … Read More

Top tips for your next holiday

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No road is long with good company

Holidays are something we all look forward to – a chance to relax, spend quality time with our favourite people and open our eyes to new places. However, as lovely as it can be to fly away to exotic destinations, it isn’t always possible especially with a cost of living crisis and high prices all around. Not to mention, the … Read More

Events in Birmingham

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Events in Birmingham - blue sky over Millennium Point

This year’s summer holiday may feel slightly shorter than others, but wow am I noticing that I’m having to up my parenting game to keep the boys occupied! I have been searching high and low for slightly more unusual activities that might keep us all going this year which has included throwing the net a little further and searching for … Read More

The Best Spots in Egypt for Digital Nomads

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International Airport - flights to Egypt

I have long been eyeing up places to go abroad with the children. Whilst they are loving exploring the UK, my feet are itching to get travelling further afield again. My work is pretty flexible and means I can normally take chunks of the school holiday off, but when the need to work collides with a desire to travel I … Read More

Our Day Out At the Snowdome in Tamworth

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Ice rink and snow park at the Snowdome

Last weekend we kicked off our Easter holiday in style with a visit to the Snowdome in Tamworth. We’ve been to their Winter Wonderland before, but haven’t visited in the slightly warmer parts of the year. For full disclosure, we had been invited back, but this review is as always based on our honest opinion. Planning the school holidays Starting … Read More

6 Holiday Savers – Simple Ways To Stretch Your Budget

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Holiday savers, ways to stretch your budget

It may not feel as though the holiday season is upon us, but it soon will be. With the spiralling costs of energy bills and grocery shopping, a holiday this year might seem like a bit of a pipe dream. I think with some careful advance planning though, we can all stretch whatever budget we have to make the most … Read More

Weekending With The Kids


Weekending in Ludlow

Perhaps one of my favourite things that we do as parents is our weekending trips away with one or other of the boys. Wrapped in love, focus and adventure, we first got the idea from an article published in the Guardian newspaper, written by psychologist Oliver James about love bombing . My husband spotted it in the early part of … Read More

Adventures to Italy

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Out of an aeroplane window

Making The Most Of A Week In Southern Italy As you may recall, 2020 was due to be the year that we travelled abroad with our children for the first time. That didn’t happen, for pretty obvious reasons, so we have set our sights on dusting our passports off in 2023 instead. There are many beautiful destinations in budget, and … Read More

A Day Out In Stratford-upon-Avon

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Stratford upon Avon, view of The Other Place theatre

After what feels like a long 2 years, spontaneous day trips are happily back on the agenda this summer. As I’ve written previously, the Midlands provides plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in culture and history, and where better to start than Stratford-upon-Avon. Stratford, as it is known locally but not to be confused with the London version, is a … Read More

Top tips for a successful holiday with kids

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Tips for a successful holiday with kids - family looking out to sea

With the holiday season well and truly upon us, and the travel industry slowly moving towards 2019 booking levels, it’s a great time of year to arrange a break. If you are going on holiday with kids it can be a bit of a mammoth undertaking with all the associated admin and planning though. Today I’m sharing my top tips … Read More