Squidgydoodle Superhero Adventure

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POW! picture

Squidgydoodle. You may recall that I introduced you to Debbie at Squidgydoodle last autumn when we tested out her lovely Winter Wonderland box. We were so impressed, Munch even took his finished creation to bed with him! So when Debbie asked if we would like to try out her Squidgydoodle Superhero Adventure box we jumped at the chance. There are … Read More

2018 Family Bucket List

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Aeroplane flying overhead

I didn’t use to be a huge fan of making bucket lists for our family, mostly because I don’t like to remove the elements of flexibility and spontaneity in our adventures. That said though, over the past 12 months I’ve rather enjoyed considering them as an optional way of planning our time ahead. Last year Chief got involved with the … Read More

Creating bookmarks

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Flower bookmarks

Making bookmarks with your children can be so much fun. In our house it perfectly connects the joy of reading with the excitement of producing something practical. I love seeing the creations that my boys come up with which are often both better and more imaginative than my own. The styles, shapes, colours and patterns that are either meaningful to … Read More

Easy Peasy Fake Snow

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Making fake snow

Who doesn’t love playing with snow! Sometimes though, whether in the depths of winter or during the bright summer months there is just none to be seen, so we improvise and make ‘snow’ in our kitchen. The first time we did this we started by using a kit. You can also use our back up option though which worked very … Read More

Meal Planner

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I was thrilled that so many of you have contacted me to say that you found my weekly meal planner (here) useful, so I thought I would write a second edition. To be totally honest, my meal planning goes from being super organised to being a ‘freezer surprise’ as a friend calls it, but on occasion I do plan in … Read More

Reading with Panda Post

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Munch reading his letter from Panda Post

Many children, as they start primary school, take an interest in the written word. They might notice signs around them, books on shelves, to-do lists pinned to the fridge door, and of course post being delivered. Panda Post have expertly linked this early interest in learning to blend and read simple words, with the excitement of receiving real post through … Read More

The Snowman Tour – Review

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The Snowman Tour performance

As the sun was setting over Coventry, the lights from the Cathedral sparkled across University Square and the scene was set for the most magical of winter events: The Snowman Tour. You may recall that I mentioned a few weeks ago how delighted I was to have been invited to this event and what special memories this story has for … Read More

Calendar of Goodwill

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Christmas boxes for the homeless

Every year, for the past seven years, we have undertaken what we call a ‘Calendar of Goodwill’ through the month of December. The idea is that during this busy festive period we shift focus from receiving, to giving. We consider our cosy home with radiators and fresh linen, and take a moment to think of those who have nothing more … Read More

Rock Cakes

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Rock cakes on wire cooling rack

Ahhh, rock cakes! They take me right back to my childhood. When everyone else was making beautiful biscuits, butterfly cupcakes and marbled flapjack, I was chucking the mix on a baking tray and enjoying the misshapen rock cakes that emerged half an hour later. Over the years I’ve perfected my recipe for these, and now my boys are masters at … Read More

Things To Do Whatever The Weather

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Playing games as a family

We Brits talk about the weather a lot. A lot a lot. Seemingly this can be somewhat confusing for others but let me try to explain this continuing theme. Put to one side that it is considered a polite (read: unlikely to cause a major argument) topic of conversation, it is also on occasion a necessary and interesting one. We … Read More