Creating A Wildlife Area

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Yellow wildflowers

I’ve always loved nature so a big draw for me when we came to move house was to have a reasonable sized garden with lots of ‘green’. We found the house, and the size of garden. At the time of moving it was beautiful with climbing roses and pots aplenty, but not quite as green as we would have liked. … Read More

Sorry Isn’t The Hardest Word

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Boys running through parkland

… and why I always say sorry to my children. I am almost certain that all parents will have been here: I’m stacked up with laundry, have tripped over a fluffy toy and consequently trodden on Lego. Almost instantly a little face appears as if from nowhere and drawls “Mammmaaaaa” in the sort of high-pitched whine that shoots straight through … Read More

Tissue Paper Vases

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Featured image tissue paper vase

Tissue paper vases – I love these. I seriously love these. I think that they are one of my favourite quick and easy but very effective craft activities, and they make super gifts. They can add a really sweet touch to a room in your own home too and they look fab when filled with daffodils or other spring time … Read More

Getting Active This Spring

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Family walking

According to a ComRes poll for BUPA back in November 2015, the most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get fit. According to the same information around 80 per cent of us Brits have broken those resolutions by the end of March. I understand why. It can be hard to keep up that post-Christmas / January momentum … Read More

Kidlo Apps

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Kidlo Balloon Counting

Technology is all around us. Growing up I had sticks and mud and paper and pens, and whilst they’re absolutely still there (and a fundamental part of my boys’ childhood), technology is a huge part too. They don’t know a world where we can’t answer a question with a quick Internet search. Watching films on demand comes easily as does … Read More

Squidgydoodle Superhero Adventure

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POW! picture

Squidgydoodle. You may recall that I introduced you to Debbie at Squidgydoodle last autumn when we tested out her lovely Winter Wonderland box. We were so impressed, Munch even took his finished creation to bed with him! So when Debbie asked if we would like to try out her Squidgydoodle Superhero Adventure box we jumped at the chance. There are … Read More

2018 Family Bucket List

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Aeroplane flying overhead

I didn’t use to be a huge fan of making bucket lists for our family, mostly because I don’t like to remove the elements of flexibility and spontaneity in our adventures. That said though, over the past 12 months I’ve rather enjoyed considering them as an optional way of planning our time ahead. Last year Chief got involved with the … Read More

Creating bookmarks

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Flower bookmarks

Making bookmarks with your children can be so much fun. In our house it perfectly connects the joy of reading with the excitement of producing something practical. I love seeing the creations that my boys come up with which are often both better and more imaginative than my own. The styles, shapes, colours and patterns that are either meaningful to … Read More

Easy Peasy Fake Snow

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Making fake snow

Who doesn’t love playing with snow? Whether it’s a full snowball fight or simply enjoying the texture of it, snow can be so much fun and with every flake being unique it’s interesting too. Sometimes though, whether in the depths of winter or during the bright summer months, there is just none to be seen. Whether wanting to have a … Read More

Meal Planner

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I was thrilled that so many of you have contacted me to say that you found my weekly meal planner (here) useful, so I thought I would write a second edition. To be totally honest, my meal planning goes from being super organised to being a ‘freezer surprise’ as a friend calls it, but on occasion I do plan in … Read More