Pea Thing

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Peas on bread

Yes, you read that right, I really have decided to call this ‘Pea Thing’. On the back of a conversation with a friend we thought that it was both fitting and memorable. So, here are the ingredients and method for ‘Pea Thing’. Sure to go down well at summer buffets! Ingredients (makes 15 pieces): 200g peas (I use frozen peas which … Read More

#30DaysWild – Week Four (plus one)

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Hover fly on a white flower

I cannot believe that we’re already in July and the #30DaysWild challenge has finished for the year! We have thoroughly enjoyed getting out and closer to nature and will continue to incorporate this into our adventures over the coming months and years. We’ve enjoyed learning more about the world around us too, delving into non-fiction books regularly, sharing our knowledge … Read More

#30DaysWild – Our Big June Challenge

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This year I have been delighted to have been involved with the #30DaysWild challenge. Run by The Wildlife Trusts, the idea is that every day throughout June you do one wild thing. This could be as simple as watching the clouds pass by overhead, to growing flowers, to surveying the birds that visit your garden or local park. Before starting … Read More

30 Days Wild – Week Three

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Sunset over fields in Warwickshire

We have continued our #30dayswild adventures this week with some lovely walks and observations. So, here is our week three round up: Day One: I started the day with a walk in a local park. It really comes alive at this time of year and was teeming with birds and minibeasts. There are deer in this park too although I … Read More

30 Days Wild – Week Two

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Apples on tree

You may be aware by now that I am involved with the #30dayswild project this year (you can read my previous posts here and here). If your read my post from last week (here) you will also know that I am publishing a weekly round up of everything ‘wild’ that we have been up to over the previous week. So, … Read More

30 Days Wild – Week One

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Sunlight streaming through a canopy of trees

If you read my last post (here) or follow me on my Cup of Toast social media accounts (or both!) then you’ll know that this year we are excited to be taking part in #30dayswild. A full post will follow later in the month, but in the meantime I thought that it would be nice to publish a weekly round … Read More

Dancing Raisins Experiment

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Sparkling water in a bottle, empty plastic cup and a large bag of raisins

Science is so much fun! I love exploring scientific ideas with my boys and something that can be done with a few simple items from your cupboard makes it even more straight forward to spontaneously do some experiments. Chief has always loved this one in particular, and refers to it as his magic trick! What you will need: A clear … Read More

Apple and Blueberry Crumble

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Apple and blueberry crumble

A favourite for anyone who likes a pudding as much as we all do. Crumble is so quick and easy to make and something that my boys can get involved with putting together as well. Perfect for long summer days or cold winter afternoons. Here’s our recipe: Ingredients For the crumble topping: 175g flour 75g butter 50g soft brown sugar … Read More

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Bug hotels

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, I have started to turn my mind to activities to keep my three boys suitably engaged and active during the break. We are lucky that where we live there are a wide variety of options, with Easter egg hunts galore, farms to visit, museums with special events and so on. Equally though, I value … Read More

Clumber Park

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Lake at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

Once part of the legendary Sherwood Forest, and now owned by the National Trust, Clumber Park makes a beautiful setting for a wonderful family day out. It has a long history: originally being home to the Dukes of Newcastle over three centuries, it was enclosed in the early 18th century to provide a hunting ground for Queen Anne. The large … Read More