Walking Water

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Boys watching water walking through a piece of kitchen towel

We absolutely love science in our household, and one of our favourite experiments is this one, which is so quick and easy to do. You’ll need: 3 clear glasses or plastic beakers 2 different food colourings (blue and yellow work beautifully for this) 2 pieces of small kitchen towel or 1 piece of strong kitchen towel torn in half lengthways … Read More

Weekly Meal Planner

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Uncooked lasagne topped with grated cheese

Meal planners can really help finances stretch, not to mention reduce food waste. I love that by using them my boys get to experience a wide range of food too. I know that planning a week’s worth of interesting meals can be tough to fit in around a busy working and family life though, so I thought that I would … Read More

Apricot Oaty Bites

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Apricot oaty bite close up

We love these yummy oaty bites, especially on the afternoon school run during the winter when we are all feeling tired and cold. You can adapt the recipe to suit you (you could use vegan spread for example instead of butter to make these vegan) or use it as we do. You could even add more fruit – dried cranberries … Read More