30 Days Wild – Week One

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Sunlight streaming through a canopy of trees

If you read my last post (here) or follow me on my Cup of Toast social media accounts (or both!) then you’ll know that this year we are excited to be taking part in #30dayswild. A full post will follow later in the month, but in the meantime I thought that it would be nice to publish a weekly round … Read More

Half Term Holidays

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Mallard in stream

Back in March, with the Easter holidays cantering towards us at speed, I shared a few of the activities that I was hoping to undertake with my boys. I kept things calm and manageable as I wasn’t feeling very well at the time. I didn’t know then of course that would still be the case by the summer half term! So, … Read More

Dancing Raisins Experiment

JoFamily Life, Science Fun

Sparkling water in a bottle, empty plastic cup and a large bag of raisins

Science is so much fun! I love exploring scientific ideas with my boys and something that can be done with a few simple items from your cupboard makes it even more straight forward to spontaneously do some experiments. Chief has always loved this one in particular, and refers to it as his magic trick! What you will need: A clear … Read More

Apple and Blueberry Crumble

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Apple and blueberry crumble

A favourite for anyone who likes a pudding as much as we all do. Crumble is so quick and easy to make and something that my boys can get involved with putting together as well. Perfect for long summer days or cold winter afternoons. Here’s our recipe: Ingredients For the crumble topping: 175g flour 75g plant based spread 50g soft … Read More

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Bug hotels

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, I have started to turn my mind to activities to keep my three boys suitably engaged and active during the break. We are lucky that where we live there are a wide variety of options, with Easter egg hunts galore, farms to visit, museums with special events and so on. Equally though, I value … Read More

Fireworks In A Jar!

JoFamily Life, Science Fun

Water and oil in a jar with food colouring dripping through the layers

We enjoy simple science experiments in our house, and the idea of making ‘fireworks’ whilst sharing a love of the subject is one not to be missed. It is a great activity for a rainy weekend day, or a bright sunny one – there’s no reason why this can’t be done in a garden or with the windows thrown wide. … Read More

Walking Water

JoFamily Life, Science Fun

Boys watching water walking through a piece of kitchen towel

We absolutely love science in our household, and one of our favourite experiments is this one, which is so quick and easy to do. You’ll need: 3 clear glasses or plastic beakers 2 different food colourings (blue and yellow work beautifully for this) 2 pieces of small kitchen towel or 1 piece of strong kitchen towel torn in half lengthways … Read More

Weekly Meal Planner

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Uncooked lasagne topped with grated cheese

Meal planners can really help finances stretch, not to mention reduce food waste. I love that by using them my boys get to experience a wide range of food too. I know that planning a week’s worth of interesting meals can be tough to fit in around a busy working and family life though, so I thought that I would … Read More

Apricot Oaty Bites

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Apricot oaty bite close up

We love these yummy oaty bites, especially on the afternoon school run during the winter when we are all feeling tired and cold. There is something deeply satisfying about baking, and for me I like a tried and tested, easy to follow recipe that the whole family can get involved with making. For this one, you can adapt the recipe … Read More