Back to school – myths about illnesses

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Keeping your children healthy and protecting them from illnesses

With various RAAC issues (as widely reported in the press) we have had a rather bumpy return to school. However, the new school year is here. Whilst my three boys charge back in gleefully catching up with their friends after the summer break, there is the inevitable mix of germs with colds and illnesses almost certainly around the corner. Some … Read More

The Teenage Years

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Connect emotionally with your teenager - photo of a young teen sitting by themselves on a beach

How to stay emotionally connected to your children through their teenage years When a child becomes a teenager, it can be difficult for any parent to navigate. You may start to feel as though your child has got a whole life of their own that you’re no longer a part of, and begin to worry that you’re losing the connection … Read More

10 Ways To Connect With Your Family

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Connect with your family

Finding ways to connect with your family in what often seems like a disconnected society is hugely important. Whilst periods of lockdown may have brought this into focus, slipping into a new way of life seems to be rather like kangaroo jumping into the unknown. Family video calls have been dropped, regular communication and ad hoc ‘checking in’ has slowed … Read More

Mental Health Awareness in Children

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Mental health awareness in children

Mental health awareness in children is so important, for the individual child, for their family and for the community. So why is it that children are all too often expected to fit into a box where stress and pressure is not fully acknowledged. The view is that without responsibility for bills, rising costs, work and property maintenance, life must be … Read More

Creating a positive sleep environment for babies

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Baby sleeping, black and white image

A significant component of your baby’s healthy growth and development is the quality of their sleep. As a parent of 3, I know how much this sounds at odds with real life experience though! Sleep is as vital to your baby as it is to you. In theory at least, a newborn sleeps 16 to 18 hours a day, while … Read More

Finding Responsibility With KeySafe

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KeySafe secured outside

As I grew into double-figures as a child, my parents wanted to give me a greater sense of responsibility. Nowhere was this more prominent than in being able to leave the house without them in attendance. Meticulously arranged meet-ups with friends necessitated many minutes on the landline telephone to make sure we’d all turn up at the right place at … Read More

Explore the World with Rat Race!

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Explore the world with Rat Race

Our passports were ready, our flights were booked, we were due to go on our first foreign family holiday….then a global pandemic hit and instead of lounging by a pool or exploring foreign coves, we were restricted to our home and immediate neighbourhood. So started lockdown 2020 for us. We had been so excited to take the boys abroad and … Read More

Free Educational Resources? Yes Please!

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Daydream Educational Resources

As a homeschooling, working from home parent, I am feeling the slog. These last few weeks have been particularly difficult without the long sunny days that accompanied the first full lockdown and made things feel, well, a bit brighter. I was excited when Daydream Education got in touch to let me know about their FREE educational resources! This could be … Read More

Half Term Holidaying in Lockdown

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sorry we re closed signboard

A lockdown February half term holiday is not what any of us hoped for. I recall last year feeling poorly with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but still managing to get the boys out for a farm visit, having play dates with friends and taking them to museum events. None of which we can do this year. February half term can often … Read More

Rediscovering sleep in challenging times

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Relaxed Mum - The Sleep Nanny

Sleep is something that can feel quite elusive at the moment. Organising for Christmas, rearranging social gatherings, events or even just trying to balance our business against the backdrop of the global pandemic and associated restrictions, is it any wonder that we feel anxious? Our sleep and ability to relax suffers as a result of this all, so I am … Read More