Dinnertime at The King’s Head

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Tucked onto the edge of Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, we were invited along for dinner recently at The King’s Head and happily accepted. A cosy local pub with a warm welcome and some rustic charm waiting for everyone, The King’s Head is part of the Vintage Inn group. On arrival we were shown to a table tucked into the end of a … Read More

Catering For Your Crew

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Jacob with Chief

I used to say that the one thing that new parents or parents-to-be really don’t need is unsolicited advice or long lists of must have paraphernalia. It can run very close to the line that puts them under pressure at a time when emotions and hormones and lack of sleep are running riot and they need rest not bombarding. I … Read More

Maths with Matr

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Lesson Three Y2 with Matr

Extracurricular tutoring and learning opportunities have long been available both face to face and more recently online.  Despite this I have never considered web based one to one tuition for my boys. Honestly I can’t place why, it just hadn’t particularly occurred to me. So when Matr contacted me I was intrigued to learn more about their maths tuition for … Read More

Introducing Matr

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Matr Logo

One of the things that I love about blogging is the people and companies that I come to meet. One such business is Matr. Established in 2013 Matr is an intelligent learning platform focused on Maths, with children supported by real, specialist tutors during weekly 1-to-1 tuition sessions. Matr are committed to making Maths tuition available to as many 7 … Read More

Sadie’s Wars by Rosemary Noble

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Sadies Wars Rosemary Noble

  Today I have the absolute pleasure to be bringing you another book review. Moving between Australia during WWI and England in WWII Sadie’s Wars written by Rosemary Noble follows Sadie and her family as they battle wars at home and away.   “An astonishing tale, spanning continents, where truth is stranger than fiction. This historical saga of an extraordinary Australian pioneer … Read More

The Merest Loss by Steven Neil

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The MerestEbook-1

If you know me, you’ll know that I have a love of literature and a love of history, so historical fiction, especially stories based on real life are absolutely up my street! I was delighted when I was offered the opportunity to review The Merest Loss  by Steven Neil. Set in a period that I am a little hazy on, … Read More

The Nanny Song – An Interview with Misty Mount

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The Nanny Song book cover

One thing that I love indulging in is, as most of you know, reading. It gives me real pleasure and I am always fascinated to meet the author behind the work too. So I am delighted to bring you this interview with Misty Mount, author of The Nanny Song. Hi Misty, can you tell me a little more about yourself? … Read More

Bradbury’s The Jewellers

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Bradbury's giftwrap

Jewellery is such a lovely gift to give and to receive. It is a present that suits all occasions too – weddings, birthdays, christenings, graduations, good luck, good bye, or simply just because! Finding the perfect piece can be tricky though, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re after and want to browse until the right one catches your … Read More

Getting hygge with Hopping Hare Candles

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Hopping Hare relaxing candle

Hygge • creating a feeling of well being Roughly pronounced “hoo-ga” or “hue-guh”, hygge is an important part of Danish culture. Since it burst onto the lifestyle scene in the UK in 2016 (some 200 years after being first noted in Denmark) it’s almost becoming old news. That doesn’t mean that it is no longer relevant though, far from it. … Read More

The Tissue Veil – Brenda Bannister

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The Tissue Veil Cover from Google

What if you discovered a hundred-year-old diary under your floorboards – and then found references in it to yourself? Or if you lived in 1901, yet kept seeing glimpses of a girl from modern times? And what if both of you had problems that only the other could really understand? Emily and Aysha live in the same Stepney house and … Read More