Expressing your personality with colour

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Colouring your life in

Whether we focus on it or not, we all love colour. We all have a favourite colour too (or perhaps a couple of favourites) even if we don’t consciously think of it. Take a moment to think about it now, I bet you can think of a colour that you are drawn to? We make choices based on colour all … Read More

Hopster Coding Safari

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Hopster Safari

You lucky lot are in for a treat as Jacob is taking the reins once more and reviewing the latest app from the Hopster family. Thank you Jacob! As a child of the ‘80s, I’ve had fun with computers ever since first school. I distinctly remember doing my maths as fast as I could as the reward was playing Dare … Read More

Synerva CBD Oils: A Review

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Synerva CBD oil starter

CBD oil seems to have sprung into the forefront of public awareness as a remedy for all kinds of ailments over the past few months. Most notably, medical research suggests that this oil can act as a very effective anti-inflammatory agent. With pain from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep, could this be what I’ve been missing … Read More

Virtual Reality with VR Here

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VR Here in Liverpool

As you know I’m a big believer in taking time out. I really think that it’s good for the soul, and something that so many of us don’t do. I would say especially when we become parents, but in honesty careers can shoulder the blame for a lack of downtime as well. Recently I came across VR Here based in … Read More

Essential Oils and Me: Curtailing the Cravings

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Hopping Hare essential oil candles

I have long been fascinated by the power of essential oils. Not just that they can evoke emotional responses, but physical ones too. Take lavender for example. The smell of lavender relaxes virtually everyone, animals included. It also promotes good sleep and in some, a better quality of sleep with periods of very deep restful slumber. Just from its smell. … Read More

Perfect Presents For Older Children

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Birthday cards

Ever wonder what to buy as a birthday present for an older child? Chief turns eight this autumn. Eight! I’m aware that it’s not as though he’s becoming a teenager but even so it feels older and it raises the question of what we can buy him to celebrate his birthday. He doesn’t really like ‘stuff’. He never really has, … Read More

Holidays Here We Come!

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We have been talking in our household for what feels like aaaages about getting away on holiday with our boys. I’ve written about it on more than one occasion on my blog, musing over locations and reminiscing over trips I’ve already taken. As my social media followers will know, we have booked to go camping in Cornwall and Devon during … Read More

Getting Away With Groupon

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Hotel reception area

Regular readers of my blog and my social media will know that I love a bargain. You’ll also know that I love to travel and that it is very much on my agenda to have some short breaks and longer holidays with my family this year. I can’t wait to start showing the boys more of the world, to open … Read More

MOTs and pre-flight checks

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Car engine

Cars. But first planes. I took The Loud One to an airfield recently. I love getting to spend time with him on his non-preschool days. Figuring out what he likes, watching what he is interested in and listening to his observations of the world around him. He unknowingly encourages my own observations and it is these that have been taking … Read More

Read with Oxford – A Review

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Enjoying one of the Read with Oxford books

Our family have a love of books. Factual, fictional, we all read or are read to every day. It’s part of each one of us; it forms the core of who we are. So when I was contacted by Oxford University Publishing to review their new ranges of reading and activity books for children I jumped at the chance! There … Read More