Rock cakes on wire cooling rack
Rock Cakes

Rock Cakes Ahhh, rock cakes! They take me right back to my childhood. When everyone else was making beautiful biscuits, butterfly cupcakes and marbled flapjack, I was chucking the mix…

Peas on bread
Pea Thing

Pea Thing Yes,ย you read that right, I really have decided to call this โ€˜Pea Thingโ€™. On the back of a conversation with a friend we thought that it was both…

Vegetable quiche in flan dish
Vegetable Quiche

If you’ve read other posts in my kitchen section you might notice that they all have two things in common: 1. they are family favourites and; 2. they are quick…

Chicken wrap with cucumber and tomatoes
Chicken Wraps

Sometimes when we drag ourselves in from the school run, cold and possibly wet from the winter weather which is all around us at the moment, all I want to…

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