Embracing Scruffy Hospitality

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A set table, with an empty white plate

I stumbled upon the idea of “scruffy hospitality” via a social media post, and immediately latched on to it. Like many other people, I have found 2021 hard. Really hard. Between a late night immediate lockdown of schools back in January, ill health (mine), deteriorating health (a family member’s), selling my childhood home, and trying to balance the needs of … Read More

Christmas Star Decorations

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Star hanging with ribbon from a door handle

It’s been 4 years since I originally posted this piece about making Christmas star decorations, yet like before, I once again confess that I am not quite ready to bring the tree down from the loft. This year when it comes down will be extra special. Having spent the majority of the year clearing out my mother’s house preparing it … Read More

Our 2021 Calendar of Goodwill

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Christmas gifts with fairy lights

Despite the drop in temperature and recent snow flurry, I can’t quite believe it is the 1st of December and Christmas is just a short hop, skip and jump away! I’ve written before about how we approach the season through our Calendar of Goodwill, and with the pandemic having impacted yet another year it seems so important to continue our … Read More

My Social Media Break

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Relaxing in Stratford

What I’ve learned about me (and why it’s important to share) At the beginning of September I took an unplanned break from social media. The return to school for my children, secondary school visits and choices to be made for my eldest, selling my childhood home, and increasing working hours all played a part. I couldn’t keep up and I … Read More

Mid-week socialising? Meet School Night Gin.

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School night gin front of bottle

The summer is here and this year with it, after a period of enforced abstinence, comes opportunity for social occasions. Like many others, I enjoy doing this not just at the weekend, but also sometimes during the week. Catching up with good friends over a glass of cool iced tonic with a splash of gin in my hand is just … Read More

The elusive work-life balance: Options for business travellers


balance macro ocean pebbles

The term work-life balance is a popular one these days. The idea of having the perfect equilibrium between your professional and personal life has been at the forefront of many discussions, with people often talking about how they can find this elusive balance. This has arguably never been more important than now, as we start to see a slow but steady … Read More

Finding Your Way Back To Nature



This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, and the focus this year is on nature. I give nature a huge dose of credit for helping myself and my family to move through the past 12 months relatively unscathed. If I look back through the course of the pandemic so far, thinking about the happy moments that we shared, it … Read More

5 Quick Wins For Saving Money

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Saving spelt out in magnetic letters

Somewhere between Brexit and the global Covid-19 pandemic, national short to medium term economic growth feels a little uncertain. You don’t need to delve far into the news to see that it is on the minds of businesses and individuals alike. Even without this nagging on our shoulder though, saving money for emergencies or just to boost a fun pot … Read More

All systems go: Improving Your Body’s Digestion


delicious poke bowl with vegetables and raw fish

My forties are fast approaching and, as they do, focusing on the health of my body is becoming more important than ever before. Considering what I do in terms of physical activity, how much sleep I get, and what I fuel my body with is vital to support a sense of healthy balance. It’s also important to think about some … Read More