Embrace Eco-Friendly Living: Furnishing Your Home with Preloved Goods

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Pre-loved furniture is eco-friendly

In today’s fast-paced world, where trends change as quickly as the seasons, eco-friendly living may not feel attainable. It’s easy to fall into the trap of constantly buying new furniture and décor to keep up with the latest styles splashed across countless websites and beautifully crafted home and lifestyle magazines. However, there’s a more sustainable and budget-friendly option that’s slowly … Read More

Wax / Wine – Meet the Maker

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Wax Wine candle with wooden wick burning

With a faint crackle of a burning wooden wick, and the delicate aroma of patchouli and lavender drifting over my keyboard, today I am meeting the founder of Wax / Wine, Magali Bellego. Within her business, Magali has an extra element that makes her products sustainable so I was thrilled to be invited to try them out. What is it … Read More

The conundrum of dealing with old furniture

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Rocking chair - keeping old furniture

Last year I went about the huge task that was clearing out my childhood home. Along with boxes packed full of childhood memories, toys and games, one task really stood out as a tricky one to solve: what to do with the furniture. Most of it was in really good condition, even the older pieces, and I’m not someone who … Read More

Climate Change and the Hedgehog

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British Hedgehog

As I was sipping my morning coffee, looking out over our frost kissed lawn, fog lingering as it touched the tops of the hedge, I wondered about the impact of climate change on creatures that hibernate. Specifically, I wondered about hedgehogs. What if they woke, roused by mild temperatures, only to find themselves plunged into a cold snap days later. … Read More

Playing our part: recycling more

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Recycling area cover

As a family we’ve always been conscious of recycling and the impact that our actions have on the environment. We talk about it and read about it with our boys regularly. We love to watch Blue Planet 2 and this series brought it home to us even more. It is so important that we take responsibility and play our part … Read More