Creative Ideas For Using Your Outdoor Living Areas

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Outdoor living in style

Bringing the indoors out I have a long held belief in fully utilising outdoor space to make it an extension of the inside of our home. No matter what size the garden, yard or balcony is, I feel that every external area gives rise to an exciting opportunity for outdoor living. This is something that in an over-scheduled, fast paced … Read More

Easy Lawn Care in 8 Steps

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Lawn care advice - photo shows a lawnmower on freshly cut grass

No Mow May is becoming more and more popular across the UK, with individuals, businesses and councils joining in. Once the gorgeous spring days of May have passed by though, lawn care moves back into many diaries, but how can you achieve a great lawn without causing damage to the grass or our native wildlife? What is a lawn? A … Read More

12 Ways To Connect With Nature

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Getting closer to nature

Did you know that according to analysis, the UK is one of the world’s most nature depleted countries? Although some researchers suggest that this tracks back to the industrial revolution, many point to common modern causes of this too. The number of vehicles on the road has increased and emissions are at an all-time high. Farming has intensified leaving fewer … Read More

The Winter Garden

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A winter garden covered in frost

It feels as though we have lurched from a relatively mild autumn into an extremely cold winter this year. As I type this the temperature outside is -1 degree Celsius even though the sun has risen, and it feels comparatively warm compared to the past few days. The frost that has set in across our lawns and sparkles over our … Read More

The Autumn Garden

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A salvia in an autumn garden

The autumn garden is a beautiful sight to behold. The changing colours of the leaves, the final blooms of long lasting flowers and shrubs set against an often lush green of grass and clover underfoot. Autumn is my favourite season of the year, with cooler temperatures providing respite from the heat of the summer. The autumn garden is a busy … Read More

The Good and the Bad – Identifying Minibeasts in Your Garden

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Peacock Butterfly on a buddleja a good minibeast to have

Minibeasts are common in your garden, and whilst often lovely to look at and think that you are giving everything a haven to live in, not all of them are beneficial. Some should be considered pests that you would be well advised to deal with. How do you tell the difference between the good and bad minibeasts though, and what … Read More

Stepping Your Garden Into Spring

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The garden is, by and large, pretty dormant through the winter months. Many flowers have long since died away, fruit trees stand still, and shrubs create a calm spot for mini beasts to overwinter (we’ve found ladybirds hibernating in some of ours). That doesn’t mean that the gardening ceases altogether though. In fact, at this time of year, we can … Read More

The Bird Box in your Garden

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Bird box

In times of urban development, creating an outdoor space that encourages wildlife and garden birds is a lovely way to give something back to the natural world. Gardening on a big or small scale can also help to reduce your own feelings of stress and anxiety and increase wellbeing. An easy addition to make is to add a bird box … Read More

Easy Garden Living

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Delicate cosmos flowers

Garden living has become an all important hobby across the UK, this year more than ever before. Did you know that 87% of households in the UK have some sort of outdoor space? With many of us in need of some calming distraction, and using our gardens more than ever before to find that, it’s no wonder that we are … Read More