Wax / Wine – Meet the Maker

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Wax Wine candle with wooden wick burning

With a faint crackle of a burning wooden wick, and the delicate aroma of patchouli and lavender drifting over my keyboard, today I am meeting the founder of Wax / Wine, Magali Bellego. Within her business, Magali has an extra element that makes her products sustainable so I was thrilled to be invited to try them out. What is it … Read More

5 Tips To Save Money When Moving Home

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Save money when moving home - photo of money

Moving home can be expensive. The finances of a new home can be tight and every penny counts, and then there is the cost of moving on top. There are some things that you can do to save money when moving home. These tips can help you cut costs and also achieve a smoother move. Planning and Preparing are Free … Read More

Jobs for your spring clean list

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Window sill with flowers that has had a spring clean

When the summer arrives we often want to spend time outside enjoying the sunshine, which is why now is the perfect time for a quick spring clean in your home. Many cleaning jobs needs doing at least once a week, if not more often. There are some though that might get left off the list and are worth focusing on … Read More

Sprucing up your bathroom on a budget

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Image of shower in bathroom

There are many reasons why you might want a new bathroom. Maybe your current bathroom is looking a little dated and dull, or maybe you’ve bought a house and aren’t happy with the bathroom that’s been left behind. Whatever the reason, a brand new bathroom can have a positive impact on your home, but as with the rest of your … Read More

The Joy of Online Learning

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Laptop on a table ready for online learning

Accessible online learning has become an essential distraction for many during the pandemic. It gives a form of relief from the often difficult news reports, and can keep our minds active during periods of time when we are confined to our homes. With more and more courses popping up though, what can you find to suit you? I have written … Read More

The conundrum of dealing with old furniture

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Rocking chair - keeping old furniture

Last year I went about the huge task that was clearing out my childhood home. Along with boxes packed full of childhood memories, toys and games, one task really stood out as a tricky one to solve: what to do with the furniture. Most of it was in really good condition, even the older pieces, and I’m not someone who … Read More

Embracing Scruffy Hospitality

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A set table, with an empty white plate

I stumbled upon the idea of “scruffy hospitality” via a social media post, and immediately latched on to it. Like many other people, I have found 2021 hard. Really hard. Between a late night immediate lockdown of schools back in January, ill health (mine), deteriorating health (a family member’s), selling my childhood home, and trying to balance the needs of … Read More