Playing our part: recycling more

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Recycling area cover

As a family we’ve always been conscious of recycling and the impact that our actions have on the environment. We talk about it and read about it with our boys regularly. We love to watch Blue Planet 2 and this series brought it home to us even more. It is so important that we take responsibility and play our part … Read More

Out in the garden this summer

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Sand pit

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. We love going to parks, exploring woodland and running across fields. If you are a regular reader or follow me on social media you will know that we spent a heavenly week on holiday in Cornwall during the summer of 2018. We had a good amount of … Read More

Managing Your Household Budget

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Managing your household budget with Cup of Toast

Running a household can be an expensive business. There are bills to be paid, essential maintenance work, grocery shopping and more to contend with. This is before you get to entertainment packages, soft furnishings and new clothes. We can all do with a little help to make ends meet, so I am sharing my top tips for keeping my spending … Read More

Expressing your personality with colour

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Colouring your life in

Whether we focus on it or not, we all love colour. We all have a favourite colour too (or perhaps a couple of favourites) even if we don’t consciously think of it. Take a moment to think about it now, I bet you can think of a colour that you are drawn to? We make choices based on colour all … Read More

#30DaysWild – A June Success!

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Sitting among clover

June saw us once more taking part in #30DaysWild run by The Wildlife Trusts. As I mentioned in my previous post, since taking part in last year’s challenge we have pretty much continued throughout the year. The boys are becoming much more tuned in to the natural world around them which is wonderful to see. So this year in some … Read More

MOTs and pre-flight checks

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Car engine

Cars. But first planes. I took The Loud One to an airfield recently. I love getting to spend time with him on his non-preschool days. Figuring out what he likes, watching what he is interested in and listening to his observations of the world around him. He unknowingly encourages my own observations and it is these that have been taking … Read More

30 Days Wild 2018

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Ladybird poppy

Going Wild For June It’s June which means it’s time for #30DaysWild again. I’ll be honest, after taking part in it last year we have pretty much carried on with our wild observations and moments throughout the past 12 months. We’ve seen so many different types of weather during the year too, with more than one period of deep snow … Read More

When You Wish Upon A Star With GreaterSkies

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GreaterSkies Star Map

Living in the countryside can, on occasion, feel like living in a planetarium. On a clear night there is nothing that I like more than standing outside looking at the stars. With the right app you can name all of the individual stars, but even without it the constellations and planets are clear to spot. There’s something so calming and … Read More

Whose Chair Are You Sitting On?

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Office chairs

Have you ever thought about how your office chair might influence your work? Neither had I until we moved our home office space between two rooms and as an interim measure I was using the piano stool to sit on. “Are you comfortable on that?” my husband queried as he watched me intently zipping through my inbox one evening. “Not … Read More

Creating A Wildlife Area

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Yellow wildflowers

I’ve always loved nature so a big draw for me when we came to move house was to have a reasonable sized garden with lots of ‘green’. We found the house, and the size of garden. At the time of moving it was beautiful with climbing roses and pots aplenty, but not quite as green as we would have liked. … Read More