Growing Up


Toy washing machine by internal white door

I loved to read, and reread, Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch when I was younger, and I delighted in watching the film version too. Even as an adult I find myself humming along to one of the main tracks, Growing Up Isn’t Easy (you can watch it on You Tube here*). I was reminded of this tune again at the … Read More

Adopting a Skincare Routine


Nivea skincare products - cleansing wash, exfoliating scrub, moisturising cream, eye cream, cleansing wipes

A few months before I got married in 2008 I decided that I ought to look into having a proper skincare regime. I had never suffered from breakouts, even as a teenager, but was prone to the odd spot or, more often, dry patch and occasional dull skin. My wedding was in the autumn of 2008 and I thought it … Read More

Love Is…


Me and my husband at Lake Pukaki New Zealand South Island

I have a clear memory from when I was growing up of a book that my mother owned called Confucius Says. It was my introduction to the philosopher and, among other things, there was one page entitled “Confucius Says, Love Is…”. It bothered me in my late teens and very early twenties that I couldn’t remember what Confucius had said … Read More

Making Progress


Flower in garden

I’m acutely aware that I haven’t been as obviously present on the blog as I would have liked to have been recently. I have been fairly active on social media though, and if you follow me you’ll know that I’ve also been making progress with our garden, with two tonnes of topsoil delivered this weekend and raked into place ready … Read More

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Bug hotels

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, I have started to turn my mind to activities to keep my three boys suitably engaged and active during the break. We are lucky that where we live there are a wide variety of options, with Easter egg hunts galore, farms to visit, museums with special events and so on. Equally though, I value … Read More

For The Love of Pets


Yellow labrador retriever running across a park with a ball

Family means everything to me, from my husband and sons, my parents and sisters, my wider family, my chosen family of friends and, in my case, our fur and feathered babies too. I grew up with pets around. When I say I grew up with them around, what I mean is that they were an integral and vital part of … Read More

Your Post


Me, my mother and my two sisters

This is for you. The woman who made a choice in her early twenties that no longer fits, but you feel that you can’t change it without attracting criticism for being weak, and that you should be happy with your lot in life. This is for you. The woman who bumped her car into a post this morning and had … Read More

The Reality Of Marriage


Me and my husband on our wedding day

I’ll put this out there, I like Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure that I love it, with the extravagance and the pressure, but I like it. The first connection between St. Valentine’s Day and romance in literature, that I am aware of, is in Chaucer’s The Parlement of Foules. For that reason, in the first Valentine’s card that I sent … Read More

Learning Styles


Me at my office desk when I worked in Human Resources

In years gone by, before I became a mother and chose to stay at home with my children, I was a Human Resources professional. In fact I still dabble in that role on an unpaid basis now, but that’s for a different post! One thing that was regularly at the centre of my work was a keen interest in different … Read More

Pocket Money


Guinea pig money box

Chief was six last year and it felt like we entered a new gear of parenthood. Gone were the majority of the chunky plastic role play toys and ride on vehicles, in came the remote controlled cars, Nerf guns and superheroes. Picture books are slowly being replaced (save for some very special ones) with the likes of Roald Dahl, J … Read More