The Power of a Photograph


Young boy peeking at photos

15 years ago I went on an adventure to Peru. The trip had been a long time coming, something that my friend and I had talked about from our secondary school days. I loved every moment and captured it all in three ways. Firstly, of course is my memory. I close my eyes and recall performing Tai Chi on a … Read More

Catering For Your Crew

JoIn Focus, Lifestyle

Jacob with Chief

I used to say that the one thing that new parents or parents-to-be really don’t need is unsolicited advice or long lists of must have paraphernalia. It can run very close to the line that puts them under pressure at a time when emotions and hormones and lack of sleep are running riot and they need rest not bombarding. I … Read More

Restyling My Home

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Parquet flooring option 2

Many of you will know that we moved house two and a half years ago. We went from living in a cosy but spacious old dairy built in 1835 to a modern feeling, incredibly light and airy early 1960s build. Whilst the house and style may have changed considerably, one thing that has not is our view towards styling it. … Read More

Maths with Matr

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Lesson Three Y2 with Matr

Extracurricular tutoring and learning opportunities have long been available both face to face and more recently online.  Despite this I have never considered web based one to one tuition for my boys. Honestly I can’t place why, it just hadn’t particularly occurred to me. So when Matr contacted me I was intrigued to learn more about their maths tuition for … Read More

Repaving our information super highway

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Embracing the internet with Cup of Toast

  I could go into one hundred reasons why a connected world is a good thing. Education is possibly at the top of that list. Learning new languages; finding out about cultures around the world; having access to facts and figures at the touch of a button in the comfort of our own homes. I love tapping away into my … Read More

My Year In Review 2018


January 2018

I debated whether to write a review of the last 12 months or not. I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions but I do like to take a moment from time to time to stop and consider life and think about my plans for the year ahead. I’m well aware that I can do this any day of the … Read More

Self-care at Christmas

JoSeasonal Holidays

Christmas scene

Christmas can be a time where the pressure piles on to feel full of seasonal happiness and goodwill whilst in reality becoming a source stress for many. It can be tough to find the perfect gift, to prepare a meal or to face the seasonal cheer when the damp and dark edges in. In our house we have always tried … Read More

Christmas on Netflix

JoSeasonal Holidays

Christmas on Netflix

The winter is definitely drawing in at the moment with a sudden sharp chill in the air and dull light in the afternoons. It feels like the perfect excuse for early nights snuggled up in front of the telly with a good film or programme on. It’s certainly the time of year that I confess I am grateful for a … Read More

Have Yourself An Eco-Friendly Christmas

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Woolly snowman

If you’re a regular here you’ll know that I’m pretty keen on supporting the environment. This seems so much more relevant at Christmastime than any other holiday in the calendar. I suspect that many will have at least heard of the David Attenborough programme Blue Planet II, and if you’ve watched it you will have seen the shocking reality of … Read More

Calendar of Goodwill – 2018

JoSeasonal Holidays

Light up baubles

It’s December and, once more, we have drawn up our Calendar of Goodwill. Our calendar this year is really focused on giving back to those who have helped us over the past 12 months and the local community. I was delighted that the boys have helped again by coming up with ideas, and they even mentioned it before I did … Read More