Your Guide to Insuring Your Jewellery


Insuring your jewellery necklace with diamond

#AD. In the interest of disclosure and transparency, the syndication of this article has been provided and paid for by FBD Insurance. Keeping Your Sparkler Safe: What You Should Know About Insuring Your Jewellery You’ve popped the champagne, toasted with family and friends and you can’t stop staring at your left hand. You’re engaged! The next step – before you … Read More

8 Tips for Working from Home


Desk set up working from home

Many more people are working from home in the UK than ever before. I don’t know about you, but personally I have found that increased use of technology has enabled me to strike a better balance between my work and personal life. This doesn’t just provide more flexibility around working hours, but it also gives me greater autonomy to organise … Read More

Autumn Winter Essentials


Autumn winter essentials - walking in the cold Cup of Toast blog

Are you ready for seasonal change? Every year, the autumn brings with it a flush of cold weather. More often than not a wind whips through the UK, and it feels as though clouds descend as the cycle of the Earth reduces daylight hours. This year in particular feels especially cool following what turned out to be a very wet … Read More

Creative Ideas For Using Your Outdoor Living Areas

JoGarden, Lifestyle

Outdoor living in style

Bringing the indoors out I have a long held belief in fully utilising outdoor space to make it an extension of the inside of our home. No matter what size the garden, yard or balcony is, I feel that every external area gives rise to an exciting opportunity for outdoor living. This is something that in an over-scheduled, fast paced … Read More

Easy Lawn Care in 8 Steps

JoGarden, Lifestyle

Lawn care advice - photo shows a lawnmower on freshly cut grass

No Mow May is becoming more and more popular across the UK, with individuals, businesses and councils joining in. Once the gorgeous spring days of May have passed by though, lawn care moves back into many diaries, but how can you achieve a great lawn without causing damage to the grass or our native wildlife? What is a lawn? A … Read More

Small Business Strategies for Building a Social Media Following


Thank you! Social Media Following

I have worked with a number of businesses over the years, and social media is one thing that still stands out as being a topic of anxiety when it comes to building a brand. Nobody should measure their self-worth by their social media following count. There is so much written about the mental health benefits of taking a break from … Read More

International Women’s Day 2023


Embrace Equity IWD 2023

The 8th of March stands out every year – it is International Women’s Day. There are various views about the origins of International Women’s Day, but most agree that it bounced off the back of the suffragette movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This year, the focus of the day is Embrace Equity. A crucial difference between … Read More

My Introduction to Dolma Fragrances

JoHome, Lifestyle

Dolma Fragrances Discovery Set

Please note that this post is based on a Dolma Fragrances Discovery Set that was gifted to me by Dolma. As always, this post contains my own words and views. If you know me, you will know that I struggle to find any fragrances that really suit. Which is a shame. I have always considered fragrances to be so evocative … Read More

Vegan Skincare – My Favourite Products

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Vegan Skincare ranges

I’ve been vegan for around 5 years now. I started not as a result of Veganuary but instead being influenced by one of my older sisters. I began the process of change to becoming a vegan from a vegetarian diet. Quite aside from the brutality of the slaughter houses I never see meat as anything other than what it is … Read More