Chaucer’s Valentine’s Gift


Wicker heart

Widely considered to be the spearhead of English Literature, Geoffrey Chaucer also gave us a Valentine’s Day gift centuries ago. Sometimes forgotten about amongst the bustle of commercial cards and presents, his beautiful Parlement of Foules is dedicated to the day. In fact, Valentine’s Day itself combines history from centuries before Chaucer’s poem was composed with a popular notion in … Read More

Unleashing Your Fun Factor at Adventure Sports in Warwick

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Quad biking at Adventure Sports Warwick

Before the boys came along Jacob and I made time for fun. Always. We’d live by the old “work hard play hard” phrase. Jacob found his adrenaline fixes in parascending and high-speed rollercoasters, whilst I was more likely to be found galloping along the beaches of Turkey on holiday or abseiling down cliffs. Becoming parents curbed us somewhat. I’m not … Read More

Climate Change and the Hedgehog

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British Hedgehog

As I was sipping my morning coffee, looking out over our frost kissed lawn, fog lingering as it touched the tops of the hedge, I wondered about the impact of climate change on creatures that hibernate. Specifically, I wondered about hedgehogs. What if they woke, roused by mild temperatures, only to find themselves plunged into a cold snap days later. … Read More

2020 Plans

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Writer's corner

My creative, planning and organising mind springs to life in the autumn. I had pondered why in particular these things seemed so much easier in the later months of the year, but then I read a post by Emma over at The Photographer’s Way that seemed to fit. Is it the shorter days that give rise to my higher levels … Read More

Clean Air – Or Is It?

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Aloe Vera

When we think of pollution, it is so easy to conjure up an image of exhaust fumes and factories. When we move house and think of air quality it is often statistics outside the home that interest us. It may then come as a surprise that increasingly the air pollution risk is actually indoors, not out. The World Health Organisation … Read More

All Go At Jump In

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Jump In birthday party

There’s a lot of sense to the Winnie the Pooh character Tigger. Bouncing is fun. Jumping is fun. There’s something simultaneously relaxing and exhilarating about it. Finding a new and entertaining activity for your children to do can be tough. Looking for something that accommodates a range of ages is even harder, especially if you’re seeking an all-weather, all season … Read More

Our 2019 Calendar of Goodwill

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Christmas scene

Once again, as the end of the year and Christmas approach, as a family we have spent time thinking about our Calendar of Goodwill. As I have mentioned previously, this is something that we started when Chief was born. We became so conscious that the Christmas season can quickly become a time to expect gifts rather than focus on the … Read More

The Power of a Photograph


Young boy peeking at photos

15 years ago I went on an adventure to Peru. The trip had been a long time coming, something that my friend and I had talked about from our secondary school days. I loved every moment and captured it all in three ways. Firstly, of course is my memory. I close my eyes and recall performing Tai Chi on a … Read More

Catering For Your Crew

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Jacob with Chief

I used to say that the one thing that new parents or parents-to-be really don’t need is unsolicited advice or long lists of must have paraphernalia. It can run very close to the line that puts them under pressure at a time when emotions and hormones and lack of sleep are running riot and they need rest not bombarding. I … Read More

Restyling My Home

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Parquet flooring option 2

Many of you will know that we moved house two and a half years ago. We went from living in a cosy but spacious old dairy built in 1835 to a modern feeling, incredibly light and airy early 1960s build. Whilst the house and style may have changed considerably, one thing that has not is our view towards styling it. … Read More