The Bird Box in your Garden

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Bird box

In times of urban development, creating an outdoor space that encourages wildlife and garden birds is a lovely way to give something back to the natural world. Gardening on a big or small scale can also help to reduce your own feelings of stress and anxiety and increase wellbeing. An easy addition to make is to add a bird box … Read More

2020 – My Year In Review


Big Ben 2020

Sitting down to write this feels so familiar. My surroundings are unchanged save from a lick of paint that took its place on the walls at the beginning of lockdown in March 2020. My laptop was updated around the same time to increase availability of devices for home-schooling, but there is a definite sense of stability. When I take a … Read More

Christmas Traditions Around The World

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Christmas scene

I love learning about traditions and tales through the ages. So when better a time to share some beautiful ideas from around the globe than on this Christmas Eve, especially during a year when we perhaps aren’t able to experience them first-hand. Iceland I love the idea of this. Jolabokaflod (roughly translated means “Christmas Book Flood”) is the exchanging of … Read More

Christmas Shopping In 2020 Times

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Christmas tree with bell baubles

Christmas shopping this year will feel different. No doubt about it. So, I am doing things a little differently too. In previous years I have crafted Christmas gift guides that almost exclusively showcase the products of small, independent businesses throughout the UK. You can find them, if that’s what you’re looking for, here and here. There are some truly brilliant … Read More

Have A Merry Mindful Christmas

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Mindful Christmas

Christmas always brings stresses and strains, but perhaps never more so than this year. According to the Office for National Statistics, around a whopping 70% of adults in the UK have noted that they have been worried, stressed or feeling low as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Hardly surprising when the unemployment rate is rising, businesses are struggling to … Read More

Balancing your hormones in lockdown


YogaBellies Pose

Lockdown is impacting us all in different ways. I’ve written recently about our silver linings from the first lockdown, and shared my views about self care in a pandemic too. Today, I am handing over the reins to Cheryl MacDonald, Yoga Elder and Founder of YogaBellies. Cheryl is joining us to share some excellent information about managing our hormones, and … Read More

Self-Care in a Pandemic

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A pandemic is never a situation that any of us ever expect to find ourselves in, relegated most commonly to science fiction books and films. However, 2020 is the year that a virus caused and continues to create havoc. In the middle of it all our social connections are fractured, we miss our families and friends, and have to deal … Read More

Easy Garden Living

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Delicate cosmos flowers

Garden living has become an all important hobby across the UK, this year more than ever before. Did you know that 87% of households in the UK have some sort of outdoor space? With many of us in need of some calming distraction, and using our gardens more than ever before to find that, it’s no wonder that we are … Read More

On The Ocean Floor: 5 Fascinating Facts About Seagrass



Every so often I am delighted to welcome guests to my blog, who share their expertise and fascinating facts with us all. Today I am handing the reins over to the Ocean Conservation Trust, who are focussing on all things seagrass: Grass is something we may all be familiar with from walks in our local parks. What may be less … Read More

Lockdown Silver Linings

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Pause for thought - Albert Einstein

As we inch towards a second national lockdown, whether imposed all as one or through separate areas going into the so called ‘Tier 3’, I have to say that my heart is heavy and I am filled with a certain amount of dread. I, along with so many others, am ready for this pandemic to be over. I’m ready to … Read More