Emma Lord Photography

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Obi cat with a red bauble

Creating a lasting memory of loved ones is so important and with Emma Lord Photography you can do that in the most beautiful way. Not just for the people in your life but, importantly, for your pets. The Christmas pet product market is booming. You only have to walk into a pet shop to see shelves stocked with treats, toys … Read More

Hopping Hare Candles

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Hopping Hare Candle

I met these ladies behind Hopping Hare Candles at a craft fair in Leamington Spa earlier this month, and quickly snapped up one of their ‘Relaxing’ candles. Hand blended with essential oils, the team were so knowledgeable about how each candle works to create different moods. Of course, being hand made they can tell you exactly what has gone in … Read More


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Hopster on the iPad

Combining TV shows, games, books and more in a child friendly, ad free app, Hopster has been a huge hit in our household. Using one subscription* we have downloaded it onto multiple devices – our phones, iPads and our Amazon Fire Sticks**. The app is aimed at pre-schoolers, although all of our boys (aged 7, 5 and 2) are enjoying … Read More

Mindfulness Gift

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Mindfulness Gift feet card

The positive effects of practicing mindfulness have been widely documented. One thing that they are said to help with is reducing the stress that long term ill health can bring on. Having had a tricky year with my health, I was delighted to be gifted a set of cards from my friends for my birthday this year. I didn’t start … Read More

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Christmas Gift Guide 2017 Christmas! There’s so much to love about this season, but one thing that I confess I don’t look forward to is the process of finding that all important, personal and excellent quality gift. In previous years I have trawled through the Internet and spent dozens of hours on foot seeking out bargains and unique finds in the … Read More

Ollie Collie

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Ollie Collie mug

Described as a Border Collie online gift shop, Ollie Collie sell a wide range of items and I am delighted to be featuring them in my 2017 Christmas gift guide. For the purposes of this review* they were kind enough to gift me a lovely, high gloss Christmas mug. It is just one of the gift options that you will … Read More

Sara And Jane Jewellery

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Sara and Jane three sisters necklace

I was gifted this beautiful piece of jewellery by one of my sisters earlier this year, and I have worn it every day since. For me it has personal meaning – the three bands are intricately entwined to represent three sisters. Not only is it very attractive but the quality of it is exceptionally high. Made from solid sterling silver it … Read More

The Scarf Room

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The Scarf Room hats

There’s something about the autumnal weather that inspires chunky knitwear. Scarfs, hats, head warmers, each just instantly makes me feel snuggled and warm. Where better to look for the perfect addition to your autumn/ winter wardrobe than The Scarf Room. Handmade in the USA by Stanca, each piece is given amazing attention whilst on the needles, and (if you follow … Read More


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YogaBellies Christmas

Silvia kindly invited me to join her mum to be class earlier on in the year, which I reviewed here. This autumn, I returned to try out a different style of class called CorePlay. Find out more about that one, here. You can purchase gift vouchers for Silvia’s Leamington and Warwick classes which I think would make a wonderful present this Christmas. Please contact her for further details.