Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Christmas! There’s so much to love about this season, but one thing that I confess I don’t look forward to is the process of finding that all important, personal and excellent quality gift. In previous years I have trawled through the Internet and spent dozens of hours on foot seeking out bargains and unique finds in the shops. So this year, I thought I’d not only start early, but that I’d share my favourites with you. I hope that this saves you some time and energy! 
In the interests of clarity, please note that some of these products I have been gifted and there are some affiliate links in this post. Every one of these suggestions is a personal recommendation though, and they all absolutely deserve a place on the list. 


bakerdays slice of cake

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to review a bakerdays letterbox cake, and they sent me another, Christmas version, for inclusion on this list. The idea of having cake sent through the post appeals to me massively, and there are so many options to personalise these cakes. My video review of the Christmas cake can be found here. Cakes start from £14.99

Emma Lord Photography

I have worked with Wiltshire based Emma during the course of the year. She has been kind enough to take my profile photo and has worked with my pets to get perfect shots of them too. Emma offers gift vouchers from and to any value as a gift option, and has a studio or can shoot on location. You can find out more about her here. 

Obi cat with a red bauble

Hopping Hare Candles

Hopping Hare relaxing candle

I recently bought one of these from a craft fair in Leamington Spa, and I love it. You can find out more, here. Candles start from £9, and be sure to check their Facebook page to see if they will be visiting a craft fair near you.


Not sure what to get the children, or fancy giving a gift to an entire family? How about a subscription to the children’s entertainment app, Hopster. Read my review about them, here. Subscription charges are currently £3.99 per month.

Hopster on the iPad

Mindfulness Gift

Mindfulness Gift feet card

My friends gifted me these mindfulness cards earlier this year and I love them. A little suggestion for everyday and enough to last you one month. I explain more, here. Prices start from £8.95

Ollie Collie

Ollie Collie is a Border Collie gift shop. They make a variety of products from hoodies and bags to Christmas mugs and keyrings. For more information including my thoughts on their mug, click here. Prices start from £3

Ollie Collie mug

Sara And Jane Jewellery

Sara and Jane three sisters necklace

One of my sisters bought me a necklace from this Etsy shop earlier this year, and I have worn it every day since. I love it, and I’m sure that you will find a piece that would suit someone you know (or you!) perfectly. Click here for more information. Prices start from around £15


My idea of heaven! Craft boxes to enjoy with your children, delivered through the post, and designed in such a way that individual creativity is absolutely possible. This was a family affair, and you can read our thoughts here. Prices start from £12

Snow scene with snowmen and a penguin

The Scarf Room

The Scarf Room hats

Stanca has moved across the big pond from chilly Warwickshire to sunny California. That hasn’t slowed down production at The Scarf Room though, where she also makes and sells hats and head warmers. I wouldn’t be without mine in this autumnal weather! Find out more here. Prices start from around £12


I was sent one of these devices earlier this year to review, and you can read my thoughts about it here. This device has proved to be incredibly useful, especially when I needed to locate both my keys and later my phone during a family camping trip! Prices start from £19

TrackR in packaging


YogaBellies Christmas

Silvia kindly invited me to join her mum to be class earlier on in the year, which I reviewed here. This autumn, I returned to try out a different style of class called CorePlay. Find out more about that one, here. You can purchase gift vouchers for Silvia’s Leamington and Warwick classes which I think would make a wonderful present this Christmas. Please contact her for further details.

Pretty Gifted

You might not buy this to give as a present, but wrapping your gift with personalised paper has never been easier. Take a look at what I ordered and how I found the process, here. Prices start from £7.95

I hope you enjoy browsing through my suggestions, and that you find the perfect gift for someone you love. 

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8th November 2017


There are some beautiful gift ideas here – I love the Collie mug! xx #Blogstravaganza

It’s great isn’t it? Lovely story behind the business too 🙂 xx

Great ideas thank you! I think I definitely need a TrackR in my life! #blogstravaganza

They are amazing, especially when you’re pushed for time! x

I love all of these. I think the letter box cakes are a brilliant idea and the collie mug is right up my street. Fab list with some great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza, it’s always great to have you! Xx

Thank you 🙂 yes, getting cake through the post is very exciting, even if you know it’s coming! The whole Ollie Collie range is fab. I love the story behind the business too xx

Great Christmas gifts here! Thanks for sharing. #blogstravagsnza

You’re welcome! Thanks for your comment 🙂

Some fab ideas, I love the idea of personalised gift wrap x

It’s fab! Great quality and the foil used for the text really shines 🙂

Oh my god I love that Ollie Collie mug. Amazing! #blogstravagnza

It’s really lovely! They do a good selection of products 🙂

Some gorgeous, unique gifts here! Lovely list.

Some good ideas, the kids app sounds good #Blogstravaganza

Thanks. Yes, Hopster is brilliant. We’re enjoying using it as a family, and it’s a breath of fresh air not to have adverts or in-app purchases. I highly recommend it!

Great list – the cakes is probably my fav.My SIL had bought me a gift for my birthday which included cakes in the post. They arrived on a particularly bad day, perfect gift! #Blogstravanganza

Thank you. Yes, getting cake through the post is so much fun and these ones are yummy 🙂

This is a lovely compilation – thanks for sharing.

I like the TrackR suggestion. I am forever losing my phone so that seems like a perfect solution! #blogstravaganza

It’s fab. I confess I use it quite often!!

We have a collie called Ollie so that will be the first place I check out, thanks for the heads up! #blogstravaganza

Oh brilliant! They have some super products 🙂

That silver necklace is just beautiful, I’d be super happy with that for Christmas, Mich x

I love it! I wear it everyday 🙂 x

These are some great ideas. I have just put trackR and the hopping hare candles on my list. Thanks!!

You’re welcome! The TrackR is an essential gadget for me 😉 and I use the candle every day. Really calms the house down!!

You’ve just reminded me that I really must start Christmas shopping soon. How is it almost December already?! Waaaaah!
Lovely gift ideas, I love those Bakersdays cakes! They’re scrummy!
Thanks for joining #bigpinklink x

I know, it suddenly creeps up doesn’t it?! Yes, the cakes really are delicious, and direct to your door too, lovely! 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

A great list of gifts, I need lots of inspiration this year so thanks!

You’re welcome! Enjoy shopping 😉

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