Christmas Stars

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Star hanging with ribbon from a door handle

OK, OK I know it’s still November, and autumn, and I confess that I am nowhere near ready to bring the tree down from the loft yet. When I do though, it will most certainly be adorned with these stars that I have been making with my boys this weekend. We love doing craft things together and I’m finding that the older they get the more keen they are.

Star hanging with ribbon from a door handle

I wanted to share these with you because they’re super easy to make and quite versatile to use. Ours will be on our Christmas tree, but you could just as easily hang them freely around your house or transform them into a garland. Of course you can use this method to make other shapes too – Christmas trees, Santa shapes, baubles, candy canes and so on. You could even use different shapes for other celebrations – decorative birthday present boxes, Easter eggs or felt daffodils would all look lovely.

What you will need:

Some tough cardboard (we used thick cardboard boxes)
Self-adhesive felt sheets
Glitter glue
Large eyed needle

Craft supplies


On the paper draw out two stars – one large one smaller. If you’re short on time or not a fan of drawing free hand then by all means find a template online and print it out (I happily confess that I did this!).

Cut the paper stars out and discard the remaining paper (when I say discard, you probably have enough to put back in a craft box and if not, don’t forget to recycle 😉 )

Draw around the stars on the cardboard and cut out the cardboard shapes. Put the paper stars to one side.

Paper star templates

Drawing stars on cardboard

Using the larger star draw around it on the reverse of a piece of self adhesive felt, repeat this so you have two stars drawn out. Cut the tip of one of the cardboard points off once you have drawn around the star twice.

Cut the larger felt stars out and stick them to either side of the cardboard star.

Drawing stars shapes on felt

Cutting the cardboard tip of the star

Adding felt to cardboard stars

Using the smaller cardboard star, draw around it on another piece of self adhesive felt and cut it out. Put the cardboard star to one side (we continued to use this as a template, with the paper star being relegated to a back up template) .

Stick the smaller star on top of the large felt covered cardboard star.


Adding glitter glue to a felt star

Finished star

When dried, feel for the the missing cardboard tip. Using a large eyed needle thread a ribbon or piece of embroidery thread, or gift wrapping ribbon through.

Tie and hang!

Handmade Christmas Star - Cup of Toast

I hope that you enjoy making these stars (or other shapes!) as much as we have.

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