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I’m a big fan of reward charts and, more importantly, so are my boys. Over the summer they actively made themselves reward charts with a huge amount of joy! This brought about a new found interest in building up rewards for good behaviour and being helpful around the house. It’s also a nice way for me to reward and thank them for all the help that they give me in attempting to keep the house clean and tidy and relatively well ordered. This is no mean feat with my disability, three lively children and a dog!

It got me thinking, how could I make this meaningful and long lasting? How could I offer them a reward chart that would keep them motivated for weeks and months? I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Kim and her great coin reward charts.

Flamingo coin reward chart

Made from solid wood, hand painted and hand stencilled these reward charts offer an easy way to visibly build up money which can then be saved to a certain amount. The tubes clip in to allow for easy removal and take £1 coins to a maximum of £55 per tube. There are a variety of designs and Kim is open to suggestions for other wording – just ask! Some people have wanted them as an alternative to a piggy bank, or you could even use them for yourself to save spare pounds up for a holiday treat, a meal out or a day trip.

Coin savings chart

Uses of this reward system of course will be unique to each family. Some may choose to stick a picture of what they’re working towards at the relevant price point on the chart (for example, a picture of a Lego set at the £15 mark or whatever it costs). Some may choose to let children build up their money and dip in to it when they choose to do so. This might also help to teach the value of money – they can take the coins out when they reach £10, or they can leave them to build up further and get a greater reward.

My boys were delighted to try out this reward chart and it sits in our living room at their eye level so it is easy to see how they are doing and how much money they have. The older two can read the numbers (stencilled in increments of 5) so it is a nice way for them to see actual money building up that means something to them. I have no doubt that as The Loud One grows he will understand this in the same way.

Vehicle coin reward chart with coins

It is nice that they can put their pound coins in too (and get them out again!), they get a great deal of satisfaction doing that and earning money. You may recall that I wrote once before about pocket money. Our system has changed slightly over the past year and the beauty of this chart is that it can accommodate any alterations that you might make as your children grow and different achievements motivate them.

I am really impressed with these coin reward charts and think that their stylish design will appeal to a wide audience.

For more information, head over to Kim’s Facebook page. 


N.B. I was gifted a coin reward chart in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own. For more information please visit my disclosure page.