Creating bookmarks

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Flower bookmarks

Flower bookmarks

Making bookmarks with your children can be so much fun. In our house it perfectly connects the joy of reading with the excitement of producing something practical. I love seeing the creations that my boys come up with which are often both better and more imaginative than my own. The styles, shapes, colours and patterns that are either meaningful to them or just pure fun. This activity couldn’t be easier either, and is a great way to fill in a little time after school or just as something to focus on during a relaxed weekend or holiday.

What you will need:

  • Some cardboard
  • Pens and/ or pencils
  • Paint
  • Wax crayons
  • Stickers of their choice
  • Pieces of felt
  • Any other materials that your children might like to use (dried, pressed flowers work well).
  • Some glue and/ or double sided sticky tape.
  • Safety scissors

Craft box ready for making bookmarks

How to make them:

Lay all of the materials out and simply suggest that you are making bookmarks. This is by far the best and most fun way to do it, so that imaginations are not restricted by your suggestion/s. You might find that there are several different styles created and, honestly, the more the merrier!

Making a bookmark

Bookmark being drawn

I hope that you enjoy this craft activity. Do feel free to tag me on social media in any images of bookmarks that you make, I’d love to see them!

Bookmark in progress

Super hero bookmark


Not ready to make these just yet with your little ones? No problem! Just pin it for later 😉

Making Bookmarks With Children - Cup of Toast


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