Dancing Raisins Experiment

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Sparkling water in a bottle, empty plastic cup and a large bag of raisins

Science is so much fun! I love exploring scientific ideas with my boys and something that can be done with a few simple items from your cupboard makes it even more straight forward to spontaneously do some experiments.

Chief has always loved this one in particular, and refers to it as his magic trick!

What you will need:
A clear glass or plastic beaker
Carbonated water
Half a dozen raisins

1. Fill the cup to around two thirds full with the water.
2. Add the raisins.
3. Watch them dance!

The science bit:
The raisins initially sink to the bottom of the glass as they are denser than water. The carbon dioxide in the water slowly attaches to the raisins to form bubbles around them. The carbon dioxide is lighter or less dense than the water, which in turn makes the raisins bouyant so they rise to the top. Once there, the bubbles ‘pop’ or disperse and the raisins fall down again. This gives the appearance of the raisins ‘dancing’ in the water.

To add interest to this experiment, try adding raisins with tap water to another beaker and observe the differences.

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What are your favourite simple science experiments? Let me know in the comments below!