Dinnertime at The King’s Head

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Tucked onto the edge of Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, we were invited along for dinner recently at The King’s Head and happily accepted. A cosy local pub with a warm welcome and some rustic charm waiting for everyone, The King’s Head is part of the Vintage Inn group.

On arrival we were shown to a table tucked into the end of a room, which was clean and spacious and furnished with very comfortable chairs. Tables are close together but the pub wasn’t full so we were able to have a quiet (as much as that is possible with three young boys) uninterrupted meal and quality family time. We were quickly provided with menus including a vegan one for me, and our order was taken within minutes. The children’s menus had various puzzles on the back including a word search and maze which the boys enjoyed, although no pencils were provided and I was glad that I had brought some along myself. To be honest though, we didn’t ask, so it’s entirely possible that there are pots of colour stashed away behind the bar.

The food choices were varied, with their children’s menu being subdivided into mains and a choice of two sides. Our boys chose pizza although mini roast dinners were an alternative option along with sausages, burgers, vegetable skewers and pasta. Puddings could be added on for £1 each, and drinks were £1 when ordered with their meals too.

The main menu also had a decent range of options. We went on a Sunday but we weren’t restricted to a roast dinner. Jacob chose the lamb shank and I had a lightly spiced curry. If you’re vegetarian I would encourage you to take a peek at the vegan menu too, which seemed more varied than the veggie options on the main menu.

The portion sizes were good and the food was very nice. We all came away feeling satisfied and the boys said that their pizzas were really tasty. I could have done with a little more protein on mine but I think that is a common downfall on vegan menus across a wide variety of restaurants.

The service was very friendly, but unfortunately despite our order being taken promptly the arrival of the food was very slow. We turned up at 5 pm, ordering almost immediately, but our main course didn’t arrive for an hour. We left the pub as soon as we had finished our dessert at around 7.15 pm, which is quite long for a meal out with young children, especially as we thought we had booked before there would be any sort of evening rush. Then again the food tasted fresh and the layout of the pub is such that although it didn’t feel busy I suspect that there were a number of group bookings sitting at the same sort of time. Fortunately I almost always have Dobble, Scattergories and pens and paper tucked into my bag which made the wait easier.

The boys liked looking at the artwork on the walls which varied from people to places but captured their attention for a while. They were also very impressed with the array of dog friendly things dotted around, from water bowls to a jar of dog biscuits. We had opted not to take our pooch on this occasion but it’s nice to find somewhere that she would have been welcome and could have settled down inside with us.

Overall our impressions of this charming pub were very positive. Yes, there was a wait on food which was not ideal on a Sunday evening with a young family, but come prepared and you will find that nestling down in this friendly pub is a lovely way to spend a few weekend hours.

N.B. Our meal was complimentary in return for my honest opinion. For more information please see my disclosure page. For more information on The King’s Head, or to see their menus in full, please visit their website here.

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