Easy Easter Holiday Activities

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Visiting a farm during the Easter holiday

The first unlocked Easter holiday is either in full swing or almost upon us (depending on where you live in the UK). It feels somewhat strange to be able to get out and about and catch up on some of the seasonal activities we have missed over the past two years. With so much to choose from (and the ‘normality’ of 2019 an almost distant memory) I have listed some quick wins to make the most of this Easter break.

Egg Hunt

Is it even the Easter holiday if you don’t go on an egg hunt? There are always a variety to choose from locally, in all regions, or you could make your own. In years gone by we have turned our egg hunt into a scavenger hunt, by drawing the shape and colour of the chocolate that the boys need to look for, then they go off searching. If you have more than one child this also helps to keep things fair if one person is quicker off the mark to find the hidden treats! It can help to reduce costs if you use chocolates from a multipack or variety box too.

Farm visit

One of our last trips out before lockdown in 2020 was to a farm where we were lucky enough to watch lambs being born. Farms are great to visit all year round, but you’re more likely to see baby animals at this time of year. Some may even have opportunities to help feed the animals, or might have areas where children can pet certain animals.

Nature walk

The leaves are starting to show through as are the spring bulbs and the blossom. This is a beautiful time of year to go on a nature walk. If you have older children, add in a plant identification book and see which wildflowers you can spot. Or for any age of child take some binoculars to watch as birds make their nests. There are lots of Easter holiday activity trails at National Trust properties too, if you’re looking for something a little more structured.

Nature walk during the Easter holiday

Explore a castle

I love taking my boys to castles at any time of year, but it’s especially nice to go when it’s not too hot. In England there are so many castles to explore. If you have English Heritage membership then take a look at their app to see what’s open and when. Alternatively have a good nose around on Google maps to find any nearby that you might have overlooked.

Town walks

We were invited to try out a Treasure Trail walk around Warwick town centre last year, and this time of year is brilliant for that. Shops have beautiful spring and Easter inspired window displays. You might like to buy local produce and try your hand at baking a new recipe when you get home too.

Grow your own

If you haven’t already made a start, then the Easter holiday is a great time to plan which vegetables and herbs to grow this year. With the weather still being a little unpredictable you can start to grow your plants indoors, then slowly harden off seedlings before transferring them to borders, raised beds or planters.

I hope you’ve found this post useful. What are your Easter holiday plans? Let me know in the comments below!