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Garden living has become an all important hobby across the UK, this year more than ever before. Did you know that 87% of households in the UK have some sort of outdoor space? With many of us in need of some calming distraction, and using our gardens more than ever before to find that, it’s no wonder that we are turning our attention to sprucing them up.

A garden makeover doesn’t have to involve months of work and an unlimited budget though. In fact, you can transform your outdoor space in record time, if you can focus on the right tasks. No matter what your budget, these handy tips will help you to reinvent your garden living space and have it looking better than ever:

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Deadhead Plants

Deadheading’ involves removing dead or dying flowers and leaves from plants and shrubs. As a form of pruning, it will keep your garden looking great, but it will also ensure plants remain healthy for as long as possible. Sometimes, deadheading can be done by hand, otherwise, you’ll simply need a pair of secateurs or pruning shears.

Add Boundaries

If your garden doesn’t have well-defined boundaries, it can be hard to keep it looking neat and tidy. Furthermore, you might be lacking in privacy, if your neighbours can clearly seek into your garden. However, you can add boundaries quickly, which will give you a great template to work with when you’re designing the rest of your garden. Fast-growing hedges, like the Portuguese Laurel, are a great option in virtually any environment. Alternatively, you could opt for hard landscaping and install fences or panels to create instant boundaries.

Clear Fallen Debris

Depending on the plants that are currently in your garden, you might have a blanket of fallen leaves and other debris covering grass, patios and pathways. These can be cleared in minutes using a rake or leaf blower, so be sure to make it part of your daily routine. Similarly, cutting overhanging branches or clearing debris from flowerbeds will keep your garden looking well-maintained throughout the year.

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Dress Pots and Flowerbeds

Dressing pots and flowerbeds enable you to limit weed growth, which means you’ll cut down on the number of garden maintenance jobs you need to do. Additionally, choosing a decorative mulch, bark or gravel to dress pots and flowerbeds, lets you incorporate your individual style into your outdoor space. White gravel works well in contemporary gardens, while bark is a great choice if you’re creating a cosy, country garden. Pots on your front door step can give beautiful curb appeal too.

Wash Paving Stones and Pots

Washing patios, pathways and pots is an easy way to spruce up your garden. While you could use a bucket of soapy water and do it by hand, and this is a good option for more delicate pots in particular, there’s no need to do it manually unless you want to. Buying, hiring or borrowing a pressure washer will enable you to complete the job in seconds. By bringing your paving stones back to their former glory, you can give your garden a whole new lease of life, making paved areas look brighter.

Making Your Garden a Priority

Once you can begin to enjoy your garden again, you might realise how much value you place on it. Your own personal outdoor space gives you the chance to enjoy nature as often as you like, which can boost your health and well-being. Why not consider adding a hanging feeder somewhere to attract the local wildlife too? By making your garden living space a priority, you can ensure that it always looks great and that it’s always ready for games, entertaining or al fresco dining.

Have you been busy in your outdoor space this year? I’d love to know what changes you’ve made! Do drop me a note in the comments below.

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