Editor’s Note – April 2024

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Camellia Japonica in full bloom with pink flowers

Welcome to my first ‘Editor’s Note’! When I was planning content for my blog across 2024 I felt inspired to finally get myself round to writing a newsletter. That said, I did not want to add an extra subscription service so it seemed sensible to keep it right here on my blog. That way it can be referred to as wanted and have a place to call home that doesn’t require it be kept in your inbox. Time will tell if that was the right decision or not, but please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Spring seemed the perfect time to launch this first note. As we attempt to bid farewell to the cold frost of winter we can look to embrace the vibrant colours of spring think of renewal and of growth. I took a pleasant stroll around my garden yesterday and observed fruit blossom, acer leaves appearing and the Camillia Japonica which is in full bloom. Our Kanzan (flowering cherry tree) is on the verge of its spring display too.

The beauty of the natural world got me thinking about the horrendous flooding that I have seen this year as well. Through train windows to observing from castle towers, deep pools spread across land especially farm fields. I hope that the continuous rain eases off as we progress into traditionally warmer months, and that any loss of crops may be compensated somehow to farmers and their workers.

Springtime is often used in the creative world as a signal for growth. With this in mind, I have been listening to more podcasts and came across ‘Short History Of’ on Spotify which I’m thoroughly enjoying and would highly recommend. I have learnt a lot about familiar names such as J.R.R. Tolkien through to historical roles like highway men.

In books I am turning to The Island of the Missing Trees which is brilliantly written by Elif Shafak and delves into life, death and romance against a backdrop of political trauma and division.

Also on my to-do list for growth this season is to fix a few things around the house and get more bookshelves in place. I feel an increasing need to unpack my precious books which have been patiently waiting to see the light of day almost eight years after moving house!

Finally, I asked my followers on Instagram what they would like to see more of on my blog. Among other suggestions were requests for family days out, pet care, garden maintenance along with continuing book reviews and lifestyle content. No pressure! It has proved very helpful in planning additional content and gives me a steer along with lots of ideas and work to get on with. As ever, if there is more of something that you would like to read here do let me know. Thank you.

Wishing you a pleasant spring season, filled with joy, growth and blessings.


Kenilworth Castle in my spring note

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  1. Good idea to keep your newsletter style content on your blog. Thanks for sharing the podcast link too. I’ve been searching for something new to listen to.

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