Editor’s Note – July 2024

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Baby Alex in July

Welcome to July! As I sit typing this, I am huddled under indoor plants with windows closed and a definite chill in the air. Hopefully, the warmer weather from last week is going to come back and stick around for a while. Autumn is my favourite time of year but I appreciate the change in the air that the summer brings. When the warmth settles on my joints it relieves a little of the chronic pain I have. Aren’t the longer daylight hours lovely, too?

Ten days ago I went to the Swan Theatre in Stratford with a good friend, to watch Kyoto. I would describe it as a fascinating, fast-paced, engaging drama about climate change. I left feeling slightly numb at the sheer pace with which human invention and intervention has changed the course of life on our planet. Together as a family, Jacob and I have planted a number of trees in our garden. We have carefully returned parts of it to being more wild than cultivated too. We source our electricity from 100% renewable energy and have switched one car to an electric. Our home is insulated, we reduce waste, recycle as much as possible and look for many more opportunities to do our bit, but it simply doesn’t feel like enough. It saddens me that there is a wider attitude of ‘individual action won’t make a difference so why bother’, in our communities. Surprisingly, some of this comes from today’s teenagers. Something to chew over as we head towards the summer holidays.

The last fortnight has been punctuated by animal rescue in our household. The main new temporary resident was a wood pigeon, lovingly named Alex by our children. Our middle son saved them from certain death as they had fallen from their nest and were being pecked at by two adult magpies. Within just two weeks, Alex had grown flight feathers and gone from being hand reared to feeding themselves. It was with mixed emotion that we watched as they took flight happily across the garden yesterday afternoon. Now their fate rests in the natural world, but we know that we have given them the best possible chance of life and hopefully the hungry magpies found food elsewhere.

Onwards we look towards the summer holidays, during which we hope to visit home-point-two in Lincolnshire and spend time in Wales. Getting fresh air is a must on the back of what has been an extremely wet first half of the year. We go out in all weather but it’s nice to feel able to wear something other than wellies!

Skegness home in July
Lincolnshire coastline

On the blog I am eyeing up new book tours to bring you, days out recommendations and a few gardening tips thrown in too. Plus more on our growing family of animals with pet care tips picked up along the years. Do get in touch with anything you might like to hear more about, or leave me a comment in the box below.

Until October – bye for now!

Jo x

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