Ejected – The Story that Solves the Climate Crisis

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Ejected front cover

From the back cover:

“Average people responsible for excessive greenhouse gas emissions are ejected from the planet. In order to return to Earth, the “Ejected” need to unite to decrease emission levels so the world can support them once again. Will they manage to implement the solutions in time to return to their loved ones?

Written by an award-winning author and licensed teacher, Dawn Pape has a history of weaving serious problems with humor to create memorable stories that inspire action. This entertaining book doubles as an educational manual on how to end the climate crisis – perfect for individuals and classroom teachers. Although a work of fiction, Ejected offers real climate solutions while also exploring other critical societal problems, like environmental racism.

Pape hopes this book will start conversations that result in solidarity to change our trajectory. Without immediate action, the world is headed toward a climate unfit for humans within her children’s lifetimes. Why is there any hesitation in getting started?”

What did I think?

The state of the environment is very much a legacy that we leave to future generations not only of humans, but of all life forms. The critical peak of saving our planet from permanent damage is fast approaching, and more and more children are starting to become aware of the call to action. Teenage activists like Greta Thunberg, family orientated programmes like Blue Planet, child friendly news reports and now, works of fiction such as Ejected, speak directly to a younger audience.

Ejected follows the story of a father and daughter, Keith and Ivy. When Keith fails to materialise to pick Ivy up from her mother’s house, Ivy realises that something is wrong, but doesn’t know that her dad has been ejected from the planet for “selfish, massive impacts”. Determined to right his wrong, Keith makes contact with his 14 year old daughter and asks for her help, to raise awareness and persuade others to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Aimed at a teenage audience, Ejected is suitable for any confident readers who can deal with the subject matter of a damaged planet Earth. Alongside the challenging storyline, written in a direct but engaging manner, are graphs and tables demonstrating the projected risk to our world if action is not taken. These may be a little hard to navigate for very young teenagers but add to the focus of the story and will be of interest to young adults and adults as well.

I shared my review copy of Ejected with my 10 year old son, who thought it was an interesting read. He was engaged by the story, although found the statistical parts (for example where Ivy researches the breakdown of emissions in America) a little dry. He is, however, below the age of the target audience, and I suspect in another few years would be more interested by them. Overall he felt that it was a clever use of a father / daughter relationship and a storyline that was entertaining whilst informative.

I am sure that teenagers who are keen environmentalists would receive this book well, and may be encouraged to do further research after reading it. For anyone who would like to learn more, Pape includes a list of research and further reading at the end of the book.

About the author:

Dawn Pape author

Dawn Pape is an award-winning author and environmental education consultant who works with agencies, students and schools to raise awareness on pollinator, water and climate-related issues. She lives in Minnesota in the United States.

Where can you buy a copy?

Ejected is published by Good Green Life Publishing and is available in paperback (£7.99) and ebook (99p) at all good bookshops and online retailers.

All profits from the sale of Ejected will go to the environmental education charity We All Need Food and Water. Find out more at: http://weallneedfoodandwater.org/

N.B. Many thanks go to Dawn Pape for gifting me a copy of Ejected for review purposes. For more information about how I work with others, please refer to my disclosure page.