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Creating a lasting memory of loved ones is so important and with Emma Lord Photography you can do that in the most beautiful way. Not just for the people in your life but, importantly, for your pets.

Thor cat in colour
Photo credit Emma Lord Photography

The Christmas pet product market is booming. You only have to walk into a pet shop to see shelves stocked with treats, toys and accessories for all members of your family. Whilst buying presents for your fur babies is lovely, and I will absolutely indulge mine this Christmas, having a piece of art with them at the centre is incredibly special and creates a lasting memory too.

Jonsi cat
Photo credit Emma Lord Photography

I have mentioned before that I grew up in a house filled with animals. Along with the pets and any wildlife that we nurtured before re-releasing, my mother also puppy walked for the Guide Dogs For The Blind. It was lovely to have the puppies with us and always sad to see them go. We knew though that they were off to a life where they would use their intelligence and be a valued member of the family. They were also going to enable someone without sight or with limited vision to have a level of independence and we absolutely saw the positivity in that. One thing that we always kept though as a reminder of their time with us before they started their new life was a framed photograph. Even now my mother has them in her house and I can picture them clearly in my mind.

Having studied for a diploma in Animal Communication, and being a professional member of HeARTs Speak, Emma is exceptionally well placed to create a photograph which will withstand time too. Your pet’s character will shine through in each image. Emma takes her work very seriously and says, “patience and sensitivity to the needs of the animals are top priorities” and that she makes the photography sessions “as fun as possible”. In order to achieve this, she can meet with you either on location or at her studio in Swindon.

Lady P puppy
Photo credit Emma Lord Photography

I have had a couple of sessions with Emma and I’m not sure that my pets were even aware that the camera was there. Relaxed and happy Emma got perfect shots which we will treasure forever.

So this year, along with the bone filled stockings, glittery feathers and squeaky balls, I would highly recommend that a photography session is added to your list of gifts to give or gifts to receive.

Obi cat with a red bauble
Photo credit Emma Lord Photography

You can find out more about Emma Lord Photography here. Emma also offers prints and Christmas cards for sale. For more information, please contact her directly.

N.B. Emma is a member of my family, although I have not received anything in exchange for this review.



This post is part of my Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Christmas Gift Guide - Cup of Toast
Photo credit Emma Lord Photography
8th November 2017


Brilliant review and fantastic photos! X

wow! Amazing photos. Love the photo of the cat with a Christmas bauble.

He’s so cute isn’t he? Emma rescued him when he was stranded as a kitten 🙁 couldn’t be happier now!

What a cute idea!!!! The petlovers will adore this !!

Thank you. Yes, I think it would make a perfect (or perhaps purrrfect) present for anyone with pets 🙂

I love pets too much; never thought of having photos of my cat(Jay)…too unfair! At least I’ll appreciate Jay that way this christmas!

They really are members of the family. I’m glad I have professional shots of mine from a couple of different stages of their lives so far 🙂

If we had pets I’d definitely want a photo taking to join the other photos of our family. Lovely photos x

They are, aren’t they? I’m so pleased with the ones of my fur babies 🙂 xx

Hi everyone!
Thanks for all the lovely comments on Jo’s post. I love working with animals and as people have commented, pets really are family members. As I type this, one of our cats is sprawled across my lap, and the dogs are fast asleep after a busy day of play!
Best wishes to you all for the season.

That sounds like a lovely day! 🙂

Those images are crystal clear, such a talent! Xx

She’s so good. They don’t even register the camera, she’s quick and discreet which is ideal when working with animals! Or children 😉 xx

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