Explore the World with Rat Race!

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Explore the world with Rat Race

Our passports were ready, our flights were booked, we were due to go on our first foreign family holiday….then a global pandemic hit and instead of lounging by a pool or exploring foreign coves, we were restricted to our home and immediate neighbourhood. So started lockdown 2020 for us. We had been so excited to take the boys abroad and finally get to show them a little more of the world outside the island of Great Britain. Aside from family and friends, travel is the biggest thing that has been missing from our lives in the past 12 months.

I was delighted, therefore, when I heard about this brilliant scheme aimed at children, which is available for free through Rat Race.

Rat Race is an adventure company which normally specialises in organising ultra marathons, epic assault course races and even sends its test pilots to the furthest corners of the planet. Now it’s aiming to help alleviate the boredom for children stuck at home through getting them exploring the world despite lockdown. To support this, they have launched 10 exciting projects to help children learn, discover and get creative whilst understanding more about various places around the globe. Rat Race Founder Jim Mee said:

“Our favourite thing to do here at Rat Race is explore the world, learning all about different countries and cultures and having amazing adventures along the way.

“Now we’re looking for our next generation of explorers to come along on the journey with us.”

The projects will focus on incredible locations including Namibia, Patagonia and Mongolia – where Rat Race competitors have been in the past to run, bike, canoe and even ice skate in challenging environments.

They reveal the animals that live there, what the weather is like at different times of year and the equipment you would need to take if you went exploring there.

Rat Race Future Explorers workbook

Allie Bailey, who is chief test pilot for Rat Race and gets to try out all of the unique challenges before they are made available to the public, is urging young explorers to get involved.

She said:

“You’ll learn some fun facts and get to do some super cool activities, too.

“Do you think you can make a glacier out of paper mache? Or a Lego volcano? How good are you at drawing a map? Or maybe you can write a story about an adventure you would like to do?

“To help out we have included links to websites that might help with research, but we’d encourage children to use any books they have as well.

“Just download the workbooks, print them out and grab your pens, pencils and paints to get started.

“Once completed, we want you to upload your work to social media so we can see what you have created.

“Every week we’ll be handing out prizes and sending out goodies for the most creative, clever and funny.”    

The Rat Race Future Explorers projects are free to access, with a new workbook released every week. If you would like to know more or go exploring yourself, head over to the Rat Race website for more information:


Sound like your kind of thing? I’d love to hear from you if you give this a go!

Rat Race Participants

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