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Colouring your life in

Multi colours

Whether we focus on it or not, we all love colour. We all have a favourite colour too (or perhaps a couple of favourites) even if we don’t consciously think of it. Take a moment to think about it now, I bet you can think of a colour that you are drawn to?

We make choices based on colour all the time. From what to wear to what colour our accessories are, our cars, bicycles and especially inside our homes. But how do we choose them?

Psychologists have long considered that the colours we choose reflect our personality and can even have an impact on our behaviour.

There are broad thoughts around colour choices and how they reflect who we are. Purple for example might be linked to creativity, whilst white suggests someone who is organised and enjoys the simple things in life. Green is a very calming colour and indicates that you are a loyal person. Blue might suggest that you seek harmony in your life.

Purple colour

Blue colour
In terms of behaviour, whilst colours that we choose might indicate our personality, they can have an impact on others too. Seeing bright colours such as red and orange are associated with being active and exciting, although some consider that the former also indicates danger. Grey often feels neutral and even calming. Yellow feels warm and friendly.

Grey colour

So what does this all mean? Well aside from being very interesting, it can be useful as well. Did you know that research has been conducted into using colour for marketing purposes for example? Several studies have also focused on what colours you should use in your home if you are looking to sell it. Above all of that though, sometimes it’s just nice to relax and use colour in your wardrobe or around your home that you like, and focus on a colour palette that will help you to feel confident or calm.

Choosing certain colours can be tricky. I have recently found it really difficult to find jeans in a shade of blue that I like, for example. The same goes for other areas of our lives like cars – I’m not a big fan of our silver car but can’t think what colour I would choose if I had complete choice – and our homes. We may have moved house a couple of years ago, but we are still very much in the throes of redecorating our home and choosing colours is a big part of this. For now, at least, we are choosing for ourselves and not to sell it, but it’s still difficult. Neutral with some gentle tones of us is what we’re generally going for. We’re finding home accessories like clocks and pictures that fit with the style of who we are, and soft furnishings that complement our style too, like duvet sets (such as these from Julian Charles) that fit with our preferences.

Do you consciously make colour choices for yourself or your home? Or do you choose based on a gut feel of what you know you like without giving much thought to the colour elements? I’d love to know what your favourite is! I’ll go first….mine is green 😊

Green colour


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